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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Is an ascot tie the same as a cravat? 

A - An ascot is a type of cravat, or to be precise, a day cravat. All of our cravats are known as day cravats or, better known in the US, as ascots.


Q - Where did the cravat originate?

A - The cravat originated in the 1630s where Croatian mercenaries, enlisted by the French, wore knotted cloths around their necks. The soldiers would wear cravats made from linen, whereas the officers would wear cravats made from fine silk.


Q - How should I wear an ascot tie or day cravat?

A - You can wear a cravat (or ascot) the traditional way, by tucking it inside your shirt, or even a polo shirt. You can also wear the cravat on the outside of your shirt, tucked inside a waistcoat or slim fitted jacket. For a more casual look, you can simply wear the cravat like a scarf on the outside of a t-shirt or shirt. 


Q - How do you tie a cravat? 

A - It's very easy to tie a cravat, take a look at our page on How to Tie a Cravat to watch our video with simple instructions.


Q - Where are your products made?

A - All of our silk cravats, pocket squares, scarves and neckties are made here in England. Our printed silk accessories are made in Macclesfield, famous for its silk printing and silk mills. Our woven silk accessories are made in Suffolk by a renowned silk weaving mill, using grade A1 Mulberry silk, with high density warp counts and multi plys. See our Great British Quality page for more information on how our products are made right here in England.


Q - Should you match your pocket square to your cravat or tie?

A - It's considered more sartorially elegant to mis-match your pocket square with your cravat or necktie. We encourage you to pair contrasting colours, textures and patterns to compliment your attire.


Q - What's the main difference between a tie and a cravat?

A - A necktie, or tie, is a thin long piece of cloth which is tied around the neck on the outside of the shirt resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. A cravat, however,  is a piece of cloth (usually made of silk) with two wide blades at both ends, which is tied around the neck inside the collar resting against the skin, and simply folded over rather than knotted, and tucked inside the shirt. Unlike a necktie, it's not knotted tightly around the neck, therefore a day cravat is much less restrictive and more comfortable to wear, and can be dressed up or down.