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Cravat Club customer testimonial Florida wedding cravat pocket square couple


"Long before I actually purchased an item from Cravat Club I had my eyes set on several ties and pocket squares. Two of their exquisite pieces highlighted my suit on my wedding day!

"I couldn't have been happier with just how perfect the cravat and pocket square accentuated my look. I was complimented the entire evening and my wife was very pleased with my selection! I will definitely be adding more pieces to my wardrobe!"   

- Mario Cyprian, Florida  

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Dan Boston Wearing our green silk cravat ascot tie


"Superb quality, printed or woven silk and fantastic customer service!

"I came across Cravat Club on Instagram when looking for companies that make and sell ascots (cravats). Taking a look at their site I found a fantastic and colorful array of ascots.

"I made my first purchase as a trial and what arrived was a beautifully soft ascot in a fantastic box to store it with.

"I have since purchased many ascots from Cravat Club. They consistently add to the range with seasonal updates with new styles/colors. I have already bookmarked the next few I plan on adding to my assortment."

- Daniel Britner, Boston, Massachusetts

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Yos Clark customer ignacio cravat ascot tie testimonial


"For someone who loves Opera, Jazz and Swing music. Classic fashion was inevitably something that I was going to dive in. And when I started wearing very smart clothes with personal touches, I knew I wouldn’t stop.

"For Christmas, I received a silk cravat from Cravat Club, I never had one before, and surely never knew how to wear it, but had the urge to wear it.

"I felt so gorgeous in it, I think it's my new way to go."


-Yos Clark, Dancer, Côte d'Ivoire

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"Late Hollywood icon Edith Head famously proclaimed, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." This timeless sartorial gospel rings aloud when you open yet another indulgence from Cravat Club.

Cravat Club Goodwood Revival Customer Chris Parkes Men's Style Classic Cars

"With a wealth of remarkable designs, these versatile and comfortable accessories make the perfect 'sprezzatura' statement piece for that last-minute dinner date, though they're equally well-employed as part of a daring morning dress. Made in the UK from the finest silk, properly constructed and pleated, they are sure to last several lifetimes.

"As a prior customer, I met Jenny by chance at the recent Goodwood Revival Meeting. 
Her impeccable style, customer service, and friendliness was welcomed by everyone.

"Discovering her Eastern designs was a highlight of my weekend. Strikingly bold, masculine yet elegant, this brilliant fusion of European gentleman's staple and traditional Japanese aesthetics transported me to back to Kyoto's famous Gion festival. I only wish I found these sooner.

"If the clothes indeed make the man, then he'll need a few essentials...
A sharp blazer, a good watch, and a tie from Cravat Club."

-Chris Parkes, Pilot & Skydiver, Durham

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"The first time I started wearing cravats (or, ascots on this other side of the pond), I felt empowered. If I wear any now, I am looking for a blend of high quality along with the magic to feel a little fabulous.

Cravat Club customer Cris Romento Ascot Tie Portland Oregon

"Cravat Club fulfills all my fantasy looks of whimsical elegance! Whether I'm vibing Diane Keaton, Cary Grant, or distinguished British professor -- I enjoy the variety of ascot for any style.

"My silk polka dot cravat is a dream. That luxurious soft that stays put the whole day, with the perfect amount of "poof" that never unties. Also love the free shipping to the US, and the option to go "unboxed" to be eco-friendly! 

"As someone who is trying to slip away from fast-fashion, I research and curate everything before I buy, which is why I chose Cravat Club.

Cravat Club customer testimonial portland oregon felix ascot tie

"Handcrafted high quality silk you can feel, made in England. Ladies, it's time to infuse your fashion with ascots!! And the perfect ones are at Cravat Club." 

- Cris Romento, @TreezAndClothez, Portland, Oregon  

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Cravat Club Sam Battle Manchester Wedding Groom Groomsmen Ascot Tie Cravat Pocket Square

"I have worn cravats to almost every formal occasion I’ve attended for the last 15 years or so, including black tie events, I’m just not a huge fan of ties.

"In the past I struggled to find high quality unique cravats, until I came across Cravat Club. Since then I have racked up quite the collection. I wore one to my wedding to complement a bespoke silk jacket, and kitted out the groomsmen too.

"I like details and these guys deliver every single time, not to mention the exquisite packaging, it just screams quality!"

- Sam Battle, Manchester

Cravat Club Customer Sam Battle Groom Groomsmen Wedding Italy Ascot Tie

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Andy Poupart Cravat Club Customer Testimonial Review

"I have worn cravats since I was a young man, but much more so in the last few years. I think as one ages, it is good to have something at the neck, so to speak. A cravat provides that visual interest without the formality of a tie. Plus, there is something very pleasant about the silk of silk around one’s neck. 

"I stumbled across Jenny’s designs a few years ago and I have amassed a collection of maybe a dozen or more of her beautiful cravats and several more pockets squares. The designs are innovative and colorful. I especially like the Japanese inspired ones. The quality of the silk is superb, uncompromising, and feels very good to the hand. I can unreservedly recommend Cravat Club for cravats, pocket squares, and more. The products are well designed, high quality, and are a great value."
- Andy Poupart, Style After 50, California 

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"I wear cravats for a specific set of reasons. The first: aesthetic! I'm a fan of classic television and the cravat is a mid-century menswear staple. Bruce Wayne, Maxwell Smart, Dr. Bellows—the cravat was formal and informal, for superheroes and spies and NASA psychiatrists. That's why I pair my cravats with casual looks. Let these accessories work their magic on any outfit!

Brett White New York Writer Ascot Tie Cravat

"The second: uniqueness! Cravats represent a quirky, classy kind of masculinity that thrived decades ago when men had more clothing options. They're now worn by Paul F. Tompkins and Martin Freeman, two of my style icons. My millennial peers are loathe to even put on a necktie, and I like going a step further.

"The third: the cravat makes me feel in touch with my gay forefathers, like Hayden Rorke, Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde, and Richard Deacon. These are the heroes I proudly celebrate every time I wrap a colorful piece of silk around my neck.

"I first bought synthetic cravats of dubious quality. They were thick, cheap, and sweaty. I'm sure Instagram put Cravat Club in my feed (thanks, algorithm!). The designs are a refreshing mix of traditional, modern, masculine and fun. The VANAR cravat, with its unique mix of bluey purples and lime greens and leaves and critters—I had to have it. And also those plants look a lot like Blanche's bedroom on 'Golden Girls.' VANAR's my first Cravat Club purchase but, come on, it's not gonna be my last."

- Brett White, TV critic, New York 


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Cravat Club Customer Rex Testimonial Tigre Cravat Ascot Tie


"Over the past few years I have purchased more than a dozen cravats from Cravat Club.

"The quality is incredible, and the colours are vibrant. Pictures don't do justice. I receive compliments on them all the time.

"They have become a staple in my wardrobe, and one of my signature pieces in my daily attire."

- Rex Darr, The Distinguished Gentleman, Calgary, Canada

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"I met Jenny several years ago and was immediately impressed by her creativity and the diversity of her cravat designs. There's something for everyone, from classic polka dots to the more colourful patterns, some geometric, some pictorial.

David Evans Grey Fox Menswear Blog Made in England Cravat Club"I've worn both her cravats and scarves and the quality of the silk is outstanding. They feel comfortable against the skin and the cravats don't slip undone as is the case with many lesser products.

"As we turn to more casual styles, cravats have a great future for the man or woman who wants to succeed sartorially without going down the formal or suit and tie route. Cravats and scarves add a splash of colour, finish off the neckline and provide visual interest as a less formal alternative to ties or an open neck shirt. They are ideal for online meetings where attention is focused on the head and neck, giving a comfortable but smart and well-dressed impression.

"Buying a product that will last is the best option, both sustainably and from the style point of view and Cravat Club's products score on all these points. I support brands making things in the UK and it's great to see Jenny continuing to support British manufacturing with such high quality designs."
- David Evans, Grey Fox Blog, London

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"My mum tells me that I've always loved dressing up. When I was little, I had an array of superhero outfits to turn heads. Sadly, my Batman outfit no longer fits, so a few years ago I started dressing up in other ways.

Cravat Club Customer Santiago Orange Paisley Silk Ascot Tie

"Probably the most quintessential sartorial accessory, for me at least, is the cravat. I had no idea where to start finding one at first, but when I stumbled across Cravat Club I was astounded at the plethora of designs they had available. Stars, stripes, skulls, and my personal favourite: paisley after paisley after paisley!

"After purchasing my first cravat, a gorgeous woven pink paisley design, I knew that this is what a cravat should feel like. The fabric was decadently soft and exuded the quality one associates with dandyism.

"Whilst cravats are now enjoying something of a renaissance, if one would like to look like Oscar Wilde or Beau Brummel and not Alan Partridge on holiday: Cravat Club is the only place to go."

- Dave Yardley, London

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"Bold. Fresh. Reimagined. Contemporary. These words describe the beautiful designs and colourways of the cravats from Cravat Club.

"Although I have always enjoyed wearing them, acquiring high quality, attractive cravats was more often than not a frustrating experience. Rarely featured in men's haberdasheries or department stores, they were difficult to find. When available, selections were limited to traditional dot, paisley and geometric designs. Nice...but rather uninspiring. 

"Then, after what I thought might be yet another fruitless online search, Cravat Club suddenly appeared at the top of the results. Intrigued by the very name (Could it be? A retail source specifically for cravats?), I headed to their website with cautious optimism.

"Any disappointment I may have braced myself for was quickly dispelled upon entering the Cravat Club website and perusing the numerous and gorgeous cravat designs available. Instantly drawn to a few, they were quickly purchased.

"From the quality of the fabrics to the elegant packaging to the responsive and friendly customer service, Cravat Club became my "go to" source for unique and handsome cravats. The ever-changing selections always bring me back enthusiastically, looking for the next stunning cravat to add to my collection. 

"Sporting a cravat is an ideal way in which to elevate an otherwise casual and perfunctory ensemble into something elegant and extraordinary, and it is one of the great sartorial pleasures a man can experience. For anyone contemplating purchasing and wearing a cravat...go ahead take the plunge...and dress up your neck! You will be richly rewarded by how wonderful a cravat feels and the compliments you receive."  

- Scott, California

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"I've always found dressing up slightly bland and never found the motivation to smarten myself up. I'd always postulated on getting myself a cravat to spice up my evening outfits. And dabbled with a few different ones from various vintage

Kell Chambers Cravat Club cravat ascot tie

retailers and thrift shops. But never found them to be quite right. It wasn't until I was gifted my RYOTA Japanese waves cravat that I struck gold. It goes with loads of my outfits and can be both subtle and bold depending on how I choose to wear it. 

"I've always loved collecting high quality things, from vinyl and vintage clothing to books, and it seems cravats will be the next endeavour of this here magpie with the endless array of colours and patterns, the gift and with it, the invitation into the Cravat Club was one of the best gifts I have ever received."

- Kell Chambers, Musician, York 

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"There is something quite special and elegant about a cravat and none are finer than those offered by Cravat Club. The quality of the silk and the variety of embroidered designs ooze sartorial splendour, allowing the modern gentleman to achieve a dapper and debonair appearance.

"I have been particularly impressed by how well their heavier woven silk cravat stays put during an evening. This leaves more time for you to appreciate the compliments that you will receive about your latest accessory.

"Dubious folk thought the cravat could not make a return, but Cravat Club have proved them wrong, offering us something stylish and different that can be worn with pride by proper gents of all ages.

"Albert Moravia was not wrong when he remarked that a modern man has only one accessory to mark his presence - a cravat. You will certainly not go unnoticed if yours comes courtesy of those fine folk at Cravat Club. Go on, be a fine fellow!"

- Alasdair McCrimmon, Gloucestershire

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"Oscar Wilde once said: A well-knotted cravat is the first serious step in a man's life.

"From the moment I donned my silk cravat from Cravat Club, I felt dapper, stylish and ready to take on the world - and the looks that piece of silk got me were priceless.

"A beautifully made product that is a true joy to wear.

"Thank you Mr Wilde, and thank you Cravat Club" 

- Andrew Edwards, Queensland, Australia


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“I do have a thing about bears! It was inevitable that at the point just before Christmas when I shouldn't have been spending money, someone would come out with something to tempt me and this time it was the limited edition “Huntsman” scarf from Cravat Club.

“I love the images of the bear and the fish, and both the colourways were really exciting without being garish or outlandish. (Men do not wear nearly enough colour in this country.)

"I wore this scarf almost continuously over the winter period but it is light enough to be worn loosely in summer too.

“As with everything I've bought from Cravat Club, it is of the very highest quality and made in the UK – for me, a very important factor. It was delivered rapidly and in a robust, attractive box which makes it ideal as a present should you foolishly not want one for yourself.

“I love the personal service at Cravat Club and any contact I've had with them has been rapid and friendly. Highly recommended!”

- Dauvit Alexander, Metalsmith & Jewellery Maker, Glasgow

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"I've always had an interest in fashion ever since a young age. I've constantly strived to be a well-dressed gentleman, but felt like my wardrobe was missing something.

"That was until I discovered the cravat look. Unfortunately that style isn't so common in my area, so it was hard to come by a good quality cravat.

"Luckily, I stumbled across Cravat Club. Once I ordered my first cravat in the mail, I thought the presentation of the cravat was quite lovely.

"It came in a great quality box with the Cravat Club logo on it, with the cravat neatly tucked inside. As soon as I took it out of the box, I realised what true quality was. The pattern of the woven silk is stunning and wherever I wear it, I receive compliments.

"I am proud to say that my wardrobe is much more stylish and I'm excited to pursue more cravats in the future. Thank you so much Cravat Club!" 

- Jakob Yager, Wisconsin, US

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"Cravats are the most mysterious item of men's clothing - elegant but unusual, nostalgic yet timeless.

"I have collected cravats for 15 years, and I believe Cravat Club produce the most stylish selection available.

"These are luxurious silk cravats of stunning quality, ranging from the classic polka-dot and paisley patterns to my personal choice, tiny skulls.

"Every dandy should wear Cravat Club with pride!" 

- Darcy Sullivan, Cheltenham


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"I'd been looking at the way I dressed and how I felt in the clothes I wore, as I felt I blended in too much wearing run-of-the-mill jeans and shirt. I wanted to define a look for myself.

"I had been on Twitter for many years and on Instagram for a couple, which is when I started following That Dapper Chap who just had the look and attitude I liked. I'd seen him proudly wearing cravats with waistcoats and teaming them up with lapel pins and loved the look. That's when I knew I had to own a Cravat Club cravat.

"With Christmas not far away, I looked through the vast selection of cravats and plumped for OLEANDER. Within a few days of ordering, my cravat arrived and I gave it to my wife to wrap up for Christmas.

"Upon opening it on Christmas morning, I was so pleased with the quality and luxury of this cravat and its presentation box it came in.

"I've worn it numerous times with people commenting on how great it looks. I love having my style defined by Cravat Club. I'm sure it won't be the last one I buy from you. Thank you." 

- Robert Rudman, Chef, Oxford

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"For many years now, style and fashion have been a huge part of my life. I regularly followed many fashion pages and models on Twitter, which is where I came across Brad Sinclair-Jones, a true dapper gent modelling products from the Cravat Club. I loved the way Brad looked. Just by adding the beautiful stylish silk accessory to his outfit really gave him the stand out wow factor.

"I too wanted to achieve his stylish look and I knew that a cravat would enable me to achieve this. I soon found myself constantly browsing the Cravat Club webpage. My first purchase was the 'DUKE', a wonderful polka dot print with a French navy blue background. Within a couple of days the cravat arrived in a beautiful presentation box, making it all the more special and perfect for storing!

"Since wearing the cravat, I have received many admiring comments from family, friends, and even complete strangers, old and young. The cravat has the ability to turn the simplest of outfits into something just stunning. The quality of the cravats are second to none, it sits well, feels comfortable, and the material and choice of prints are amazing! There really is one to suit all. Many thanks to all at the Cravat Club." 

- Joe Morley, Hampshire

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"I always loved the idea of cravats, stylish enough to look great with a shirt and waistcoat but, at the same time, easy to wear with a buttoned polo shirt or jumper. An ideal piece of neckwear that would suit my style perfectly.

"I already had a few but really never found the one that fulfilled my idea and so they remained almost untouched in the wardrobe until Cravat Club landed.

"The woven collection is what I was looking for, great patterns, wonderful textures and the right amount of structure to stay put without being rigid, a lot better than I expected from looking at it online. And then you add a good and efficient website, a speedy service and a lovely presentation box that makes the whole thing that little more special.

"So, an all-round good experience that I will certainly repeat, for now I’m going to enjoy my new MADDER cravat as much as possible."

- Federico Casarin, An Italian living in London

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"I've always been hugely into fashion and menswear, so when I came across this LOKI cravat from Cravat Club, I couldn't help but think how dapper and stylish it was. It's a beautiful fashion accessory and I knew I just had to have it.

"If you're the type of person who stands out from the crowd and likes to dress well, I would certainly recommend Cravat Club. Their silk accessories will give your outfit a sense of luxury and modern uniqueness.

"As a fashion student in Miami, Florida, I can tell their cravats are expertly made from high quality silk. They can be worn for any occasion and with any outfit. It is an excellent conversation starter and is sure to attract many positive comments. 

"Cravat Club also offers free international shipping, which is a service that's hard to find. Cheers chaps!" 

- Leonardo Morales, Fashion Student, Miami

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"Having donned cravats from many makers, spanning years, I just stumbled upon Cravat Club and thought I would give it a punt, even if the goods are quite dear.

"Arrangements were made and the service I received was beyond expectations as well as the products, which is far the best of my Cravat Collection.

"Tie it in the morning and the cravat stays in place for the duration.

"Will be back for more." 

- Jens Magne Andreassen , Norway

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"I recently purchased my first ever cravat from Cravat Club for a friend's wedding as I figured it would look a lot more dapper than a humdrum tie! After some research on their website I decided I would buy the VICTOR cravat because it had grey skulls woven all over it and skulls are just cool right?

"The cravat was delivered a couple of days later in an excellent presentation box. It was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and there was a business card inside too.....a classy touch!

"What struck me first was the quality of the cravat and I was impressed by the fact it is made in Britain, you can tell it has been lovingly crafted. So, I wore it at the wedding and was amazed by how many people both guests and friends said how great my new cravat looked!

"This won't be the last cravat I buy from Cravat Club. I'm very impressed!"

- David Price, Dudley

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"I've always liked wearing cravats. They seem to me the essence of 'smart casual', being a finishing touch to an outfit without having the formality of a tie but avoiding the untidiness of an open-neck.

"If I am wearing them with a waistcoat, I quite often wear them over the shirt front to make a real feature of them. In recent years as the traditional 'Gentleman's Outfitter' has become a rarer feature of life, it has been difficult to find interesting cravats and I'm regularly scouring the second-hand clothes shops and charity shops to find them. Unfortunately, when you do manage to find one it is often made from slippery acetate or it is in an uninteresting pattern.

"I'm delighted to have discovered 'Cravat Club' cravats as they are available in a superb range of patterns and they are of top-quality silk which doesn't slip about on the neck, especially the jacquard-woven ones. What makes these even more special is that they are proudly British-made."​

- Dauvit Alexander, Metalsmith & Jewellery Maker, Glasgow

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"Not so long ago I was listening to advice from Fran Zone (An American communication expert), and she talked about the importance of accessories for a business meeting, or other events. Men can not play around with so many accessories like women. Neckties are a good choice, but I like what others do not know or have, especially in Hungary.

"So, I started to look around and found Al Pacino wearing "something" in the Godfather, around his neck. That was the first moment I saw an ascot. I also discovered that the day cravat was another name for an ascot, and found Cravat Club online.

"So, I decided to buy one. Soon after my order confirmation, I received a notification that my cravat was shipped! That is what I call SERVICE! When the cravat arrived, my wife was so excited that she opened the box and sent me a text that the cravat was fantastic! And she was right! It was perfect, and will suit many occasions. The material used is so nice to touch, the colours are nice, and the boxing is elegant.

"So, I am very happy to have found a place where they really take care of customers and sell quality products!" 

- Imre Szögi, Hungary