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After a 5-year-stint in Japan, director Jenny returned to the UK, only to stumble across a very intriguing business venture from her then business partner Julian, who came up with the idea of Cravat Club. Julian had always been a fan of cravats but had noticed there was a serious lack of choice, as most cravats he found online and in stores had a tendency to either have very uninspiring patterns, or were made cheaply abroad which lacked quality. 

Jenny Meguro Cravat Club Director
Intrigued by the idea of bringing the cravat back into fashion, Jenny was eager to develop Cravat Club as a brand, and determined to create exceptional quality silk cravats all handcrafted in the UK. Menswear was something she was interested in, and like many women, was a strong advocate of men who dress well and take care of their appearance.

Jenny was keen to ensure Cravat Club’s identity would avert the outdated undertones that cravats traditionally had, and a more contemporary image would be ideal for today’s market to attract a wider audience, not just for the more mature gentleman! So she gave Cravat Club an edgier feel and had an array of designs made up to appeal to men of all ages.

With a plethora of designs available, ranging from traditional to contemporary patterns, to classic designs with a twist - there’s something for even the most discerning gentleman.

Since starting in 2014, Cravat Club has been growing from strength to strength; has vastly expanded its product range, is now selling to over 70 countries spanning across 6 continents, and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers on the quality and presentation of its products.

Cravat Club has also introduced woven and printed silk neckties, pocket squares and printed silk evening scarves to their collection, which make a perfect accompaniment for any outfit for the style-conscious chap.

Jenny says, “I would love to see more men who haven’t tried a cravat before take the plunge and go for it, they would be surprised how comfortable it is to wear, and paired with the right outfit, how stylish it looks. You don’t have to make a huge statement wearing a cravat; you can show as little or as much as you like depending on how you tie and position it under your shirt, there are a variety of ways you can wear it for different occasions, and you can dress it up or down.”

Realising her prominent entrepreneurial streak (not to mention a keen palate for craft gin), Jenny started Hidden Curiosities Gin in 2017 - her own craft gin brand with a strong determination in mind to create the perfect gin recipe she would never tire of...

...luckily she still hasn't to this day.