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Cravat Club has its origins in 2014 - after spending several happy years living in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan, director Jenny returned to her native UK. Here she discovered a very interesting business venture - the revival of the cravat. 

At the time, there was a serious lack of choice in this area; a lot of cravats online and in stores tended to have very uninspiring designs, or were made cheaply abroad and to poor quality standards.

Jenny Meguro Cravat Club Director

Intrigued by the idea of bringing the cravat back into fashion, and giving it the status it deserves in menswear at large, Jenny was eager to develop Cravat Club as a brand. She was also determined to ensure that the products were of exceptional quality, and handcrafted in the UK. She was and remains a huge fan of men’s style and fashion, and is a passionate advocate of men taking care of their appearance and dressing well.

Jenny was also keen to make Cravat Club’s designs fresh and contemporary, avoiding any outdated or stuffy connotations. She believes to this day that a cravat is the perfect accessory for a modern man, and thinks that they deserve an ever-wider audience. Introducing and curating a wide array of edgy, colourful and imaginative designs, she continues to introduce this underrated accessory to men of all ages. 

With a nod to tradition, the classics are all present and correct - sometimes traditional, sometimes with a twist, but always in keeping with Cravat Club’s guiding principles of style, quality and modernity. There’s something for even the most discerning gentleman.

Since Jenny began almost a decade ago, Cravat Club has grown from strength to strength, with a vastly expanded product range having sold to over 70 countries and 6 continents. The continuous stream of good customer feedback on the quality and presentation of the products also would suggest she is moving the brand in the right direction!

Cravat Club has also introduced woven and printed silk neckties, pocket squares and printed silk evening scarves to their collection, making perfect accompaniments to any outfit for the style-conscious gent. The focus on seasonal collections, small quantities and uncompromising quality continues to attract a passionate following.

In Jenny’s own words; “I would love to see more men who haven’t tried a cravat before take the plunge and go for it. They would be surprised how comfortable it is to wear, and when paired with the right outfit, how stylish it looks. You don’t have to make a huge statement wearing a cravat; you can show as little or as much as you like depending on how you tie and position it under your shirt. There are a variety of ways you can wear it for different occasions, and you can dress it up or down.”

Recognising her strong entrepreneurial streak, not to mention a keen palate, Jenny also began a new venture in 2017 - Hidden Curiosities Gin. With her new craft gin made to her own recipe, the Hidden Curiosities’ Original London Dry and Aranami Navy Strength recipes have won international awards and acclaim, as she never stops to rest. To this day, Jenny’s creativity and passion for business continues, ensuring that each venture continues to go one better.