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Printed Silk Scarves

Our fine, 100% silk scarves are based on bespoke designs by our London-based artist Chris Bardo. Each collection has their own individual story, and offers a few different expressions of its base theme, giving you different ways to express your style. Far from being just an ordinary plain scarf, these are statement pieces, designed for evenings out and special occasions. 

With inspiration derived from William Morris, John Tenniel, and the Arts & Crafts Movement, these silk scarves are sure to stand out, cultivate interest, and become the talking point at upcoming occasions & events.

The history of the scarf dates back to as early as the 3rd century BCE. Terracotta soldiers buried with the first emperor of unified China, can be seen wearing tied neck scarves, which were used to denote rank.

In the late Roman empire, a band of linen cloth known as a “sudarium” was part of a standard gentleman's costume, either worn around the neck or knotted around the waist. Emperor Nero wore a sudarium during almost all public appearances, and some coins from his reign even feature him wearing it around his neck.

By the First World War, scarves were a staple winter garment for men. Art from the time depicts soldiers wearing scarves in the trenches - (the iconic trenchcoat, fittingly enough, was also designed by Burberry for the war). Silk scarves were then introduced as an accessory for pilots to protect their necks from the elements, as they flew in open cockpits. 

A silk scarf is the perfect accessory to show off your rakish demeanour - it's one of the few accessories for men that makes a statement, while simultaneously projects an air of nonchalance. Whatever age you are, whatever milieu you move in, there is nothing quite so elegantly raffish as a men's silk evening scarf casually draped around one's neck

Deco Island

This quirky and eye-catching design takes inspiration from the 1920s era of Art Deco, and from the movie classic "Singing in the Rain", fused with sartorially stylish toucans embracing the weather in a tropical rainforest. 

Hidden Curiosities

Designed in partnership with Hidden Curiosities Gin, this design blends the tangle of an English woodland scene with creatures from exotic lands, bringing mystery to a pastoral scene, in shades both deep and pastel.

The Huntsman

The fly fisherman struggles with the mighty bear in catching its prey. Evoking the white waters of the North American wilderness, in an array of impressionistic shades. 


Based on traditional Japanese Irezumi (入れ墨) tattoos, this design features a powerful dragon emerging from the tempestuous waters below, surrounded by wildlife and lush vegetation.

The word Aranami (荒波) translates as "Raging Waves", and this piece was commissioned specially for the multi-award winning Hidden Curiosities Aranami Navy Strength Gin, featuring many of the Japanese botanicals used in the distillation.

Long considered taboo owing to their association with the Yakuza, traditional hand-poked irezumi can take years to complete, and are only practised in their original form by secretive Horishi (彫師) masters to this day, with word-of-mouth often the only way to encounter them.