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Our larger-sized "Ukiyo-e" printed silk pocket squares have been designed by our talented Japanese artist, Yusuke Aoki.

Meaning "pictures of the floating world", Ukiyo-e woodblock prints depicted quintessential life & culture in Japan. Much like Japan today, these designs emanate a fusion of tradition with modern elements.

This series of prints adopts the theme of nature; iconic to Japan, and entertainment; including traditional Japanese theatre, along with a nod to the late actor, Toshiro Mifune, who appeared in numerous samurai motion pictures.

With meticulous detail and a plethora of hues, these pocket squares will have multiple uses for your attire, and will certainly be the talking point at any occasion.

A multiway pocket square is our most versatile style, featuring large, bold prints that look good in a multitude of ways, for multiple occasions. The larger designs are statements in themselves, and can be worn differently depending on your outfit and mood.

Our multiway pocketsquares are made of the finest silks, and are handcrafted in England to the highest standards, as are all of our cravats, scarves and ties. We only ever use the finest silk, hand stitched, with no cheap linings or fabric blends.

Our multiway silk pocket squares are the statement pieces of our collection, boasting eye-catching designs to really set off an outfit, be that a dinner jacket or a denim jacket. They make wonderful gifts, and are perfect for spicing up an ailing wardrobe.

Bring a touch of class wherever you go.

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• Made from 16oz super soft & floaty printed silk.

• Extremely versatile - reveal different colours & parts of the design depending on how you fold the square.

• Designed in Japan

• Printed & Hand Rolled in England.

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