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Red Cravats

See our selection of woven and printed silk ascot ties with shades of red...

Staff Picks

• Vibrant vermilion meets deep burgundy with our Renzo polka dot silk cravat. This ascot tie is one of our firm favourites with an eye-catching contrast in shade - the perfect pop of colour for any outfit.

• Our Finley printed silk ascot mixes classic with contemporary with a traditional paisley pattern with contemporary hues of candy apple red, navy and powder blue. A surprisingly versatile cravat which can be dressed up or down.

• Bright and fiery hues meet a bold botanical pattern with our Ignacio silk cravat. Shades of spice red, blush pink, electric lemon and moss green all come together nicely to really make any outfit a sure-fire showstopper. 


At Cravat Club, we use the highest quality silk, sewn in England to high standards, and decorated with bespoke designs. We want you to feel the exceptional calibre of true, high quality silk when you wear our cravats. Our ascot ties and cravats are made to suit every occasion, from formal events such as weddings, parties, or even a relaxed evening among good company.