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Woven Silk Pocket Squares

Our woven silk pocket squares are the more substantial cousin of our lightweight printed handkerchiefs. Woven from 100% A1 Grade Mulberry Silk. Neater, with less tendency to puff out and make themselves known, this is a subtler style that can be worn with less flamboyance.

From sky blues, to deep reds, and from classic prints to modern tessellating patterns, our wide range of woven silk pocketsquares make it easy to match, or to contrast to your outfit, and to your personal style. You can keep it simple with our Cassian red woven silk pocket square, with its tessellating pattern, or go wilder with the blue and orange diamonds of our Raleigh pocket square.

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Our silk pocket squares make the perfect gift, adding fashion and craftsmanship to any wardrobe. Wear them as either a single piece, or as a set with one of our men’s cravats for a matching look. Simple and discreet, yet eye-catching enough to dress up any outfit, our pocket squares for men are perfect for dressing up for a formal occasion, or for expressing yourself in a more casual setting. 

100% Pure Silk. Woven & Handcrafted in England.