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Great British Quality

Silk Mills

Surprisingly, many brands often claim their 'British-made' status simply by cutting and sewing imported material here in the UK, which in reality is only a small part of the whole manufacturing process.

Here at Cravat Club however, we are proud to broadcast our silk cravats and pocket squares are exclusively manufactured from start to finish right here in England.

Silk MillsOur production stages start from scratch with treating and processing raw silk, dyeing, weaving, printing... right up to making the material into cravats and pocket squares by hand.
Our printed silk cravats and pocket squares are made from the finest raw-yarn silk, which undergoes various processes, and is then treated with steaming and stenting after being printed with eye-catching designs.
Silk MillsOur woven silk products are also made from high grade raw-yarn silk. It then goes through preparation, dyeing, and weaving stages to create intricate, lustrous and colourful patterns. 

The printed and woven silks are then carefully handmade into our finest quality cravats and pocket squares.

Every stage of production is carefully monitored as 'Great British Quality' is a key component to the Cravat Club brand.

Silk Mills

We believe manufacturing in the UK is a strong indication of quality, craftsmanship and heritage, and this is reflected through the calibre of our silk products.

We aim to supply a plethora of colours and designs to suit every preference and occasion, and we are always expanding our range on a monthly basis.