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Spring Styles For Men 2023

The seasons are changing, and as we gradually transition into spring, you may want something to reflect the new season's palette. It's the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and give yourself something suited to these more comfortable temperatures. Don't be afraid to try something new; if you're looking to brighten up your attire with some silk accessories, then you've come to the right place! You'll find a kaleidoscope of colours to play with at Cravat Club. From pastel pinks and purples, sherbet oranges and lemons, to more strident greens and blues, along with some earthier browns and more reserved tones of navy, grey and black, we have a wide spectrum of colour to tempt you.Cravats, ascots, scarves, ties and...

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Celebrating International Women's Day

It's International Women's Day on Wednesday 8th March, an annual celebration of the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of women.    So why is Cravat Club, a luxury men's silk accessories brand, making a point of this? Well, if you didn't know already, this company is actually female-led, and in honour of International Women's Day we'd like to introduce you to the woman behind the operation  - creator, director and owner, Jennifer Lane.      Jenny enjoying a freddo espresso in Santorini. Female-Led, Male-Focused Cravat Club was established back in 2014, with Jenny cultivating and developing the brand to fulfil a need in the market. By this point, Jenny had spent most of her twenties in Japan, and she couldn't help...

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Men's Fashion: Buy Quality That Lasts

Shop Smarter We know that in 2023, the average household’s income, especially in our native UK, is getting tighter. With the cost of almost everything going up, some luxuries are having to be cut. However, clothes are still something we all need, and the demand for a gentleman to look good is as high as ever.  As such - and it’s with some sadness we say this - fast fashion is king. Quick fixes with a high turnover are what many of us turn to when money is an issue. However as with all quick fixes, this comes with unfortunate side-effects. These items almost invariably fit less well and wear out quickly, necessitating the need to buy and rebuy every...

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Cravats vs Ascot Ties - What’s the Difference?

At Cravat Club, knowing your ruched tie from your day cravat is a way of life. For the uninitiated however, the different terms and subcategories can get a little confusing. Between the subtle differences in accessories, and the multiple terms for similar ties, there can be a learning curve when getting the right details for your outfit.  We know that whatever the technical term for something is, our readers are sophisticated and fashionable gents whom we can trust to dress well. Even with that being the case, it helps to come armed with a little knowledge about what our accessories are and what they’re used for. It’s with this confusion in mind that we’ve put together this guide; an explainer...

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SS23 Colour Trends for Men

If you’ve been feeling glum in the bleakness of winter, it’s time to rejoice! The crushing cold and darkness of the tail end of the year is starting to leave us, and the first limpid light of spring is making its way through our windows.This can only mean one thing - the new season is fast approaching! To give you some inspiration for your style, we’d like to highlight some cravats, ties, scarves and ascots that make great use of some signature tones. With men's fashion leaving behind the serious and sober shades of winter, this season’s palette is bold, indulgent and fun-loving, raising a smile and your spirits. Gender-neutral tones are in - brighter shades and beyond-pastel bright colours are the...

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