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Day Cravats & Ascot Ties

Our luxury printed silk cravats are masterfully handcrafted right here in England from the finest quality silk available.

Our cravats are made from a medium weight silk twill which is finished with a special technique to further soften the fabric.

We pride ourselves in the unrivalled quality of our luxury silk'll know what we mean once you lay your hands on them.

The Cravat, or Ascot tie, has a long history. Originating from Croatia, or Hrvatska in the local language, it began as military wear, which evolved into elegant courtly fashion in France at the court of Louis XIII. These cravats were often made of lace, to signify the wearer’s wealth and social standing. The English aristocracy took to the cravat with some enthusiasm, introducing colours, patterns, and other fine fabrics, which were taken up by Carnaby Street tailors in the sixties to new, flamboyant heights. These silk cravats are the inspiration for Cravat Club’s collection of beautiful patterns, fine fabrics, and creative approaches to men’s style.

A more relaxed, elegant and informal alternative to the tie, a silk cravat, or Ascot tie to our American counterparts, gives the wearer an opportunity to express themselves, and a reason to show off their individual style. Our silk cravats are made of the highest quality materials and feature all kinds of styles and prints - paisleys, floral patterns, polka dots, skulls, pocket watches, leopard print even; everything for the stylish gentleman to really express his personality, in whatever fashion he chooses.

Our range of silk cravats include something to suit every style and skin tone - from warm pinks, purples and crimsons, to cooler tones like blues and greys. We also have bespoke, artist-drawn designs from Europe and Asia, to really accentuate your individuality, and to let you explore your own personal style. At Cravat Club, we want to offer even the most stylish young gentleman something to really take the silk cravat into the modern age, to change the association with age and wealth. We bring a sense of swagger and a modern flair to all of our fine silk cravats.

At Cravat Club, our silk cravats and Ascot ties are made to suit every occasion, from formal events such as weddings, to race days, parties, or even a relaxed evening among friends. We use the highest quality silks, sewn in England to exacting standards, and decorated with bespoke designs from all over the globe. We don’t use cheap backings, or compromise on quality; we want you to feel the exceptional luxury of true, high quality silk when you wear our cravats. Browse our range of high quality silk cravats and you’re sure to find something to help you express your style.