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Bearded gentleman with cravatgentleman with cravat

Inject style into your wardrobe with our silk day cravats, neckties, scarves & pocket squares, expertly handcrafted in England, for the sartorially conscious and well-groomed gentleman.

The Cravat Comeback...

Cravats have always held an antiquarian image, although a resurgence has emerged as gentlemen today are becoming increasingly style-conscious. A prevalence in men’s accessories has escalated hugely with the pocket square, scarf and bow tie being a staple part of a man’s wardrobe. Now cravats are also starting to flood the scene, as they exude individuality, comfort and style.

Day Cravats, more commonly known as Ascots or Ascot Ties to our neighbours across the pond, are typically worn around the neck and tucked inside the collar of a shirt. We also suggest experimenting with other attire, such as a cravat tucked into a polo shirt, or why not show more of the cravat design by wearing it on the outside of the shirt paired with a tailored suit, waistcoat or fitted jacket? Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook page for inspiration.

Handcrafted right here in England with the highest quality silk, our cravats, neckties, scarves & pocket squares are an ideal addition to evening or day wear for a sharp and refined look.

So why not make your first impression a lasting one with our stunning designs here at Cravat Club.

...For the Distinguished Gentleman