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Tales of the Far East

Explore the mysteries of our Far East Collection, resplendent with eye-catching designs inspired by the art of Japan, China and Mongolia. With timeless prints in rich and opulent colourways, these elegant pieces lend a whole outfit class and refinement. If you're captivated by the arts of East Asia and want to demonstrate your discerning style, this collection may just be perfect.

For those seeking a departure from the traditional tie, our silk cravats offer a refined yet relaxed alternative. Also known as Ascot ties across the pond, they invite wearers to showcase their individuality and sartorial flair. Crafted from the finest materials, our silk cravats boast an array of styles and prints – from classic paisleys and florals to edgier motifs like polka dots, skulls, and leopard prints. Whatever your preference, our collection allows you to express your personality with panache.

Our diverse range caters to every taste and complexion, featuring warm hues of pinks, purples, and crimsons alongside cooler tones of blues and greys. Additionally, our selection includes bespoke designs sourced from artists in Europe and Asia, ensuring each piece accentuates your unique style. At Cravat Club, we're committed to redefining the perception of silk cravats, making them accessible to gentlemen of all ages and backgrounds. With a touch of modern swagger, our fine silk cravats bring a contemporary twist to timeless elegance.