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Core Tones

Cravat Club Core Tones Plain Silk Cravats and Ascot Ties


Introducing our in-demand collection, where sometimes, simple really is best. Our Core Tones collection features solid coloured silk cravats and ascot ties, expertly dyed by hand right here in England. No machinery is used whatsoever in this process, to ensure the silk is dyed through and through, resulting in the highest quality dyed-fabic, which can only be properly achieved by hand.

Made from 36oz silk, with a beautifully tactile twill weave, which is smooth to the touch but just enough texture to create intrigue for a plain coloured cravat stylishly slung around your neck. Plain silk cravats are so versatile and a must-have for any gentleman's wardrobe. Unfussy and understated, these silk ascots will complement almost any outfit, no need to overthink your attire with these block colours. A perfect way to tone down or frame those patterned shirts or loud suits, as a go-to piece for daily wear, or if you just like to keep things simple.  

No less than 10 block colours have been carefully curated to suit all occasions. Featuring Liquorice Black, Firebrick Red, Aviation Blue, Pharaoh Gold and Verdant Green.