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How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

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Still feel like a schoolboy in a tie? Perhaps you should consider the Half Windsor Knot. A slightly smaller, simpler version of the Full Windsor Knot, it will add regal flair to your outfit. Still admired for its elegance, but also rather more convenient, the Half Windsor Knot has all the grace of its full counterpart with less intricacy. More versatile due to its smaller size, the Half Windsor Knot is symmetrical and will perfectly suit both casual and formal looks, and will elevate your look a little beyond the workaday. But how to tie one?
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The Cravat Club Guide to the Half-Windsor Knot 
• Step 1: Lay the tie around your neck with the wide end longer than the narrow end and cross it over.
• Step 2: Bring the wide end behind the narrow end and pull it through the gap between collar and tie.
• Step 3: Take the wide end and wrap over the narrow end of the tie. Pull the wide end through the gap between collar and tie again.
• Step 4: Pull the wide end of the tie through the loop on top of the knot.
• Step 5: Make a dimple at the top of the tie by pushing in with your finger.
• Step 6: Pull tight and adjust the knot to sit centred between your collar.
• Step 7: Adjust your collar, and it's done!
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Note: As a general rule for all tie knots, the tip of the widest part of the tie should end in the middle of your waistband, or in the centre of your belt's buckle (if you are wearing a belt), when you are standing in your natural posture. If the tip hangs too low or too high, this can ruin your style and can make an outfit go from sharp to sloppy in an instant.  
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Hopefully this how-to guide makes you feel more confident in your abilities, and demonstrates how easy it is to make the Half-Windsor Knot your own. Help your personal style shine with an elegant, classic touch, and show off your silk tie with panache.