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All Tied Up - A Guide to Tie Styles

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Ties Demystified

It’s tempting to think of a necktie as a simple garment; a necessary evil for the office, or as part of a uniform. We believe however that a tie is the perfect way to express your individuality. With so much of men’s fashion codified and standardised, allowing yourself some colour and luxury with your tie can lend some personality to your outfit. Having the right tie can demonstrate style, wit, and a keen eye for detail. 

There is some terminology to familiarise yourself before shopping for ties. To ensure you get exactly the thing you’re searching for, and to help you mingle with the aficionados, we have a brief guide to tie construction below. Whatever finish you’re looking for, we can help you find it. 

Havardr Pink Cream Vanilla Paisley Woven Silk Tie NecktieOur HAVARDR woven silk tie

The Three-Fold

A 3 fold tie is perhaps the simplest and most classic version you’ll be familiar with. It consists of a silk “envelope”, folded around the lining or tipper. These neckties tend to be lighter in weight, as less fabric is used in their construction. This should not equate to lower quality though - the fabric should be cut on the bias so it hangs correctly and doesn’t deform, and the tipper should be made of similarly high-quality fabric as the shell. Three-fold ties are best thought of as an “everyday” tie; lighter in weight and a little easier to manage when tied around your neck, along with feeling a little more flexible. The interlining is an important part of this style, making up much of the weight and feel along with the outer shell. Think of it as the lining of your jacket - a piece of luxury and quality mainly for the wearer to enjoy. A hidden aesthetic touch, purely for yourself.

This is the sort of tie that Cravat Club features as part of our lineup - all  handmade and featuring 100% silk tipping. Even the inside of your tie, where you’ll find the Cravat Club signature marque, is made of the highest quality silk; no inferior fabrics are used for the interlining.

Cravat Club Silk Ties Neckties 3-Fold Woven Silk Tie Made in England
Our HYPNOS woven silk tie with 100% silk tipping


The Seven-Fold

A 7 fold tie is a slightly more complex construction. Made from a larger piece of fabric that is folded in on itself, creating the “seven folds”, it creates a more substantial tie with a heavier weight. The sheer amount of fabric used means that the tie has a more opulent and luxurious finish, and feels heavier and more “dressed” when worn. The seven fold technique takes a high level of skill to execute correctly, as the only cutting should be to make the single piece of fabric that the tie is made from. Seven fold neckties have more structure when tied, and should stay where you put them a little better. One for the purists and the traditionalists, they have their dedicated following. 

Three-Fold Vs Seven-Fold TiePhoto Credit: GQ Magazine

Woven Silk vs Printed Silk

Cravat Club makes ties in both printed and woven silks, each having a different finish and feel. Our printed silk ties are light, breathable and incredibly smooth to the touch, while our woven silk ties are luxurious and iridescent, with a sheen only real silk can produce. All Cravat Club ties are of the three-fold type, with a high-quality 100% silk lining. Our printed silk neckties are a contemporary 7cm wide, while our woven silk ties are a more traditional 8cm wide. Along with the 3-fold design, we believe this gives you the perfect balance of luxury and wearability, so every design sits perfectly around your neck. As for which is better, that’s entirely up to the wearer.

Wearing our HIRO 8cm woven silk tieCravat Club Hiro Japanese Woven Silk Tie

Wearing our YOSHIO 7cm printed silk tieYoshio Japanese Geometric Printed Silk Necktie Tie for Men

Perhaps you’re looking for something to enliven your office attire? Or maybe you have a formal occasion coming up (and you’re not quite ready to commit to a cravat)? Our range of printed and woven silk ties will dress your outfit up perfectly. We hope we’ve given you a brief introduction to tie terminology, and given you a better idea of what you’d like to wear. All that remains is for you to have a look at our range of styles, and find the perfect thing for your next occasion.

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