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Wedding Styling

It’s Wedding Season!

The big days are arriving again! It’s time to dust off your formals, make those travel arrangements and get ready to fill your social calendar. After a long period where they weren’t really possible, weddings are back, and back in a big way! Whether you’re planning your own union, or merely putting in an appearance at someone else’s, you’ll want to bring your top form to the party. That means looking your best.

Wedding style groomswear

Dressing the Groom

As the groom, you generally (and correctly) should realise that you’re playing second fiddle to the real star of the show. However, that’s not an excuse to be slack. You’re the man of the hour! We think it’s important to wear this honour with pride, and be bold with your styling.

Think about the details - does your wedding have a theme? A colour scheme? Perhaps a special location, like a beach or an ancient church? You can use your accessories to help illustrate this. Also think about how you want to appear - whether it’s bold and punchy, classy and sophisticated, or modern and crisp. Pause to consider whether it’s your accessories that are doing the work with a dark suit, or whether they’re secondary to the rest of your outfit. In terms of comfort, remember you’ll be wearing this all day. A cravat for example is the perfect thing for this, being looser, more breathable and more comfortable than a tight collar.

One last piece of sage advice - please, make these decisions together. Doing anything like this without consulting your partner would be tantamount to disaster! Try to ensure you’re both happy with the choices to make your big day run smoothly.

Cravat Club Wedding Styling For Men

Get Your Groomsmen Looking the Part

A great way to have a wedding party look harmonious is to coordinate accessories. A row of well-dressed ushers with a subtle matching touch is a sight to behold, and can really help those involved to feel part of the “team”. If you have a particular theme or colour scheme for your big day, why not incorporate this into the silk cravats, ties or pocket squares? You’ll all integrate beautifully and truly feel part of the wedding. Get your groomsmen involved in the decision-making, so they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing, or even let them go and choose themselves. A pocket square for example makes a great memento of your big day.

Wedding Styling Groom Groomswear Ushers Best Dressed Guest
(From left) EUAN, ICARUS, COSTELLO, FELIX & XIAOWEN silk cravats

Best Dressed Guest

These days, you have a lot more scope at a wedding than you might think. The days of looking out and seeing oceans of the same suit are long gone. Women seem to have more choices when it comes to their outfit, but that doesn’t mean that men have none! Start off with a suit of some description but change it up, make it something unique by accessorising with a bit of imagination. Experiment with design and colour, demonstrate you’re not a sheep and wear your outfit with flair and confidence. Trust us, it’s easier than it sounds! Show off your personality and you’ll be remembered long after the confetti has settled. You’ll also be showing the proper respect to the bride and groom by scrubbing up well. 

Cravat Club Best Dressed Guest For Weddings Style Menswear
Wearing our FELIX printed silk cravat

Think Again About Accessories

While picking a suit is important, we think getting your accessories right shares equal billing. Indeed this is the part of your outfit that separates the good from the bad, the scruffy from the perfectly executed. While weddings tend to be the occasion for a more formal outfit, the accessories offer you a way to express your individuality. Whether it be a cravat, a pocket square or a classic necktie, a man who gets the details right will always stand out in a crowd. 

Cravats for a Stylish Alternative

Cravats are the perfect wedding attire. They can be as formal or as casual as you wish, make any outfit look imaginative and stylish, and the wide range of colours means they can work with pretty much anything. If you’re a wedding guest and want to truly inhabit your outfit while being wedding-appropriate, a cravat is the perfect finisher. The loose fit and breathable silk means that they’re better suited to warm-weather weddings too. Wear it loose for the louche look, tight for a bit of old-time flair, or even as a tootal scarf to perfect the neo-mod look - a cravat is very versatile, and can be customised to exactly your specifications.

Cravat Club Silk Cravat Pocket Square Wedding Style
Wearing our FLORENT printed silk cravat

Wedding style cravatWearing our FLINT printed silk cravat

Pocket Squares for a Subtle Flair

If you’re not ready to go the whole way into wearing a cravat, a silk pocket square is the perfect way to give your outfit a touch of personality. The right pocket square can add an elegant touch to the most formal suit, or lend a bit of laissez-faire to a blazer when worn with an open neck. We advise you to pick out a detail or colour of your outfit - it really helps to create a harmonious whole and “finish off” your look. So much so that it can be hard to put your finger on why you look so good.  

Wedding Style Silk Pocket Square
Wearing our YUKARI Japanese silk pocket square
Cravat Club pocket square koufuku
Wearing our KOUFUKU printed silk pocket square

Ties That Nod to Tradition

If you really would rather stick to a tie (and a lot of men would), then that can still be an extraordinarily stylish thing to do. The trick is to pick the right one. Choose a quality tie made of nice fabric, one that’s constructed and folded properly. While a bit of colour contrast can look very nice indeed, don’t get too zany with your colour choice; stick to a refined palette and remain classy and elegant. Think about pastel shades, fine patterns and the details of your outfit. A great tip is to nod to the lining of your jacket - detail really counts when working with a traditional framework. Our iridescent woven silk neckties are perfect for doing this - eye catching but not loud, luxurious without being pretentious. Think about the depth of the colour as well as the brightness, and you’re on to a winner.

Cravat Club Best Dressed Guest Groomsmen Groom Wedding Attire Styling
Wearing our HIRO woven silk tie
Havardr Silk Tie for men pink paisley necktie wedding style attire
Wearing our HAVARDR woven silk tie

Silk Scarves to Wow the Aisles

Struggling with the cravat/tie dilemma? If you’re ready to take it one step further, a silk evening scarf makes an elegant statement piece for any stylish gentleman, or can at least help you look the part! A silk scarf will do the talking and will certainly be a point of conversation at the wedding - the perfect way to break the ice with the strangers at your table. Your striking style is also likely to be appreciated by the happy couple when they look back over the wedding photographs. Choose one with a bold design and wear it with confidence for the effect to work as it should. It’s probably best to keep the rest of your outfit quite simple here, so a plain coloured or muted suit would be ideal, letting the bold neckwear shine and giving everything the chance to work together. Pull it off and you’ll look fantastic. 

The Huntsman Printed Silk Evening Scarf Wedding Style for MenWearing THE HUNTSMAN printed silk scarf 

Wedding styling for men best dressed guest Wearing DECO ISLAND NIGHTFALL printed silk scarf


Whatever you choose to wear at the wedding, be sure to make it your own. Ensure you inhabit your outfit properly and leave space to express yourself. This way, you can look both stylish and natural, giving the occasion the proper respect, as well as showing yourself in the best light you can.


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