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Spring Summer 2023 Lookbook

Introducing Cravat Club's Spring and Summer 2023 Lookbook

Zenkichi CravatSpring Summer Collection Cravat Club

As we roll into summer and are blessed with sunshine, our calendars start to fill up with exciting events that call for impeccable style. Whether it's a romantic date, an elegant wedding, a day at the races, or a laid-back al fresco lunch, there's always an excuse to elevate your look and wear a cravat.

To provide you with the ultimate style inspiration, we would like to introduce our Spring and Summer 2023 Lookbook, showcasing our latest collection of silk neckwear. Our latest shoot features our distinguished tattooed model and life-long musician Brendan.

Genghis CravatGenghis Silver Grey Mongolian Fighting Scene Silk Cravat

Our lookbook is a tapestry of styles that pays homage to both the rebellious spirit of rock and roll and the timeless allure of Arthurian legend. With his bearded countenance and rock star attitude, Brendan embodies the essence of our theme, fusing Game of Thrones aesthetics with the charisma of a front man.

Hidden Curiosities X Silk ScarfHidden Curiosities X Printed Silk Scarf

As you browse through our lookbook, you'll discover a myriad of possibilities for creating your own unique style statement. Our model’s captivating presence graces each image, as he effortlessly combines our cravats and scarves with individual flair. The lush green surroundings of Surrey provide the perfect backdrop, lending their natural beauty to the collection.

Zentaro CravatZentaro Blue Pink Japanese Koi Carp Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Our SS23 collection boasts an array of designs that cater to every occasion and taste. Timeless paisleys, floral prints and polka dots for those who like to keep things classic and simple. For those with more adventurous tastes, we have wild tigers, leopard prints and jungle scenes. If Far-East motifs are more your thing, we cater to that too with prints of Japanese cranes, majestic dragons, geometric waves and mesmerising koi carp. All in a vibrant palette that captures the spirit of the season.

Kuer CravatKuer Leopard Print Silk Cravat for Men

We hope our latest collection ignites your imagination and inspires your sartorial choices. Picture yourself attending a wedding, turning heads at the races, or enjoying a leisurely summer gathering, all while exuding the confidence and individuality that comes with donning our fine silk neckwear.

Horus CravatHorus ancient Egyptian Silk Cravat for Men

Let our cravats become a catalyst for your personal style, transforming every occasion into a canvas for self-expression - where tradition meets rebellion, and where your style takes center stage.

Zuli Cravat
Zuli Pink Jungle Scene Printed Silk Cravat for Men 

 Kaisei CravatKaisei Japanese waves printed silk cravat ascot tie for men 

Bao CravatBao Grey Silver Leopard Print Silk Cravat for Men 

Deco Island Moonlight Silk ScarfDeco Island Moonlight Silk Scarf for Men 

Yoichi CravatYoichi Brown Neutral Beige Japanese Koi Carp Silk Cravat for Men 

Hari CravatHari Grey Tropical Jungle Scene Silk Ascot Tie Cravat for Men 

Ragnar CravatRagnar Yellow Brown Blue Paisley Silk Cravat for Men 

 Harper CravatHarper White Green Polka Dot Silk Cravat  

Aranami ScarfAranami Japanese Dragon Design Silk Scarf for Men 

Kuraokami CravatKuraokami Japanese dragons printed silk cravat for men 

Junpei CravatJunpei Japanese Cranes Silk Cravat for Men 

Kapi CravatKapi Green Jungle Scene Printed Silk Cravat for Men 

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