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Professor Stephen Hawking: Black Holes, Relativity, and Cravats

Professor Stephen Hawking Cravat Club Wearing our BOHAI printed silk cravat for BBC Radio 4's Reith Lectures.  

As our regular customers will know, the cravat is a timeless and classic accessory, worn by many distinguished gentlemen throughout history. Whether for dandies or for daredevils, a cravat or ascot tie can be adapted to suit almost any use. Even men of science have been known to wear one - the renowned physicist and author, the late Professor Stephen Hawking, for example. Recognised for his brilliant mind and outstanding work in the field of astrophysics, Professor Hawking also possessed a sharp sense of style, including a love of cravats. In fact, did you know he was actually a customer here at Cravat Club?

In the years prior to his passing in 2018, he acquired a handful of our luxury silk cravats, which we were told he very much enjoyed wearing! A firm favourite of his in particular was our Bohai blue and bronze geometric circles silk cravat, which he was photographed wearing for one of BBC Radio 4's Reith Lectures

Professor Stephen Hawking wears Cravat Club's Bohai Blue Silk CravatWearing our BOHAI printed silk cravat for BBC Radio 4's Reith Lectures. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Professor Stephen Hawking and his work, a brief history -  he was a renowned physicist and cosmologist who made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of the universe. Born in Oxford in 1942, he went on to become one of the most influential scientists of his generation, best known for his work on black holes and the theory of relativity.

Black holes are one of the most fascinating objects in the universe. They are formed when a massive star dies and its core collapses under the force of its own gravity. The resulting object is so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape its gravitational pull. This means that black holes are invisible to the naked eye and can only be detected through their effects on nearby matter.

Stephen Hawking's work on black holes was groundbreaking. He showed that they are not completely black but emit radiation, which is now known as Hawking radiation. This discovery revolutionised our understanding of black holes and their role in the universe.

In addition to his work on black holes, Hawking also made significant contributions to the theory of relativity. This theory, developed by Albert Einstein, describes how the laws of physics work in the presence of massive objects. It is a fundamental theory that underpins our understanding of the universe and has been tested and confirmed by numerous experiments.

Hawking's work on relativity helped to further our understanding of the universe and its origins. He showed that the universe had a beginning, and that it began with a singularity, a point of infinite density and temperature.

In the popular imagination, he is perhaps best known for his 1988 bestseller “A Brief History of Time”, which made advanced theoretical physics accessible to a wide audience.

Professor Stephen Hawking wearing our FIFE polka dot silk cravatWearing our FIFE polka dot silk cravat. 

In 2015, Hawking gave the BBC Reith Lectures, titled "The Universe and Everything". The lectures explored a range of topics related to our understanding of the universe, including its origins, black holes, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. His lectures were widely praised for their clarity and accessibility, and were a testament to Hawking's commitment to science education and outreach. His work in both theoretical research and in education helped to solidify his place as one of the most important and influential scientists of our time.

Professor Stephen Hawking wears Cravat Club's Bohai Silk cravat at the Science MuseumProfessor Stephen Hawking gives a tour of the Science Museum, impeccably dressed sporting our BOHAI printed silk cravat. Photo Credit: Science Museum

While Hawking was best known for his contributions to science, as you can see in these images, he was also known for his distinguished style. He was often seen wearing a cravat, and his choice of clothing was a reflection of his personality and love of classical aesthetics. Perfect for looking the part, while also remaining accessible and approachable.

Professor Stephen Hawking is also responsible for one of our favourite quotes:

"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist."

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    What an absolute honour for cravat club to be associated with one of, if not the, greatest minds of the modern age. Wonderful story!

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