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Perfect Pairing: Pocket Squares

"Should I match my pocket square to my tie or cravat?"

Perfect Pairing How to Wear Pocket Squares with Cravats or Ties


There is a question we get asked a lot here at Cravat Club; "Should you match your pocket square to your tie or cravat?". Although it might seem like the easiest way to coordinate your outfit, matching your pocket square with your tie or cravat can be seen as inelegant, so read on if you're keen to exude individuality, sprezzatura, and style.


Cravat Club Pocket Square Cravat PairingsBryn Cravat with Shishimai Pocket Square


It is generally considered more sartorially elegant to mis-match your pocket square with your cravat or necktie. This is not to say however we're suggesting you disregard your whole outfit, and completely clash colours to make it look out of place. The purpose of a pocket square is to complement the rest of your look, either by harmonising or contrasting with your outfit and other accessories. We encourage you to pair contrasting colours, textures and patterns to compliment your attire.

One important note - it appears to be more acceptable to match your cravat or tie with your pocket square outside of the UK and Europe -  the US is a prime example, and can be a great option for the groom and groomsmen at weddings.


Tatsuo Japanese Tie Goutan Printed Silk Pocket SquareTatsuo Tie with Goutan Pocket Square

 Devendra Paisley Silk Cravat Yufuku Japanese Pocket SquareDevendra Cravat with Yufuku Pocket Square


If your pocket square has a pattern or print, try picking a colour from that palette and match it to a primary colour in your cravat or tie, to marry the elements and finish off your look.

Equally, you could choose a pocket square that is a shade lighter or darker than the core colour of your ensemble. Remember, the devil is in the detail, so why not be a little adventurous by emphasising an accent hue on a pinstripe, tartan or check suit?


Marino Blue Paisley Cravat with Deco Island Night Pocket SquareMarino Cravat with Deco Island Night Pocket Square

 Neptune Paisley Silk Cravat and pocket squareNeptune Cravat with The Navigator IV Pocket Square


Alternatively, if you want to make your pocket square the focal point of your look, you could opt to purposely contrast your pocket square with your cravat or tie and, indeed, the rest of your outfit. Dare to experiment with vibrant colours, bold patterns and prints.


Otis Tie with Japanese Silk Pocket squareOtis Tie with Miharu Pocket Square

Ryota Japanese Pink Cravat with Deco Island Dusk Pocket Square Ryota Cravat with Deco Island Dusk Pocket Square


Cravat Club Tips on Wearing Pocket Squares 

  • Try choosing a secondary colour from your shirt, suit, or tie as the primary colour for your pocket square.
  • Try not to overdo patterns and textures - ensure some articles of clothing are flat colours which will accentuate the colours in your pocket square, cravat or tie.
  • Avoid completely matching your tie and pocket square, unless you are certain that particular look is appropriate.
  • Match your fold to the occasion - for formal occasions stick to the flat fold or one or two point folds. For everyday or casual occasions, inject a bit of flair with the classic puff fold, or a more flamboyant sprezzatura fold with the corners showing.


Ivan pocket watch cravat and hidden curiosities ii printed silk pocket squareIvan Cravat with Hidden Curiosities II Pocket Square 


Not sure where to start? We recommend taking a look at our multiway printed silk pocket squares. These are the most versatile pocket squares, as each artist print tells a story. Made with the most intricate detail, they're bursting with a multitude of colours, and they're great value for money due to the endless possibilities on how you can fold them. You can alter the look by revealing different colours and sections of the silk square to complement the rest of your outfit.


Perfect Pairings 

Why not take a look at our hand-picked suggestions on pairing your pocket square with your cravat or tie...

Saber Tiger Cravat Shishimai Kabuki Japanese Pocket SquareSaber Cravat with Shishimai Pocket Square 


Scott geometric pattern silk cravat renjo pocket squareScott Cravat with Renjo Pocket Square


Malachi Cravat Miharu Pocket SquareMalachi Cravat with Miharu Pocket Square


Jude Lavender Tie Kikuchiyo Samurai Pocket SquareJude Tie with Kikuchiyo Pocket Square 


Saeger Paisley Cravat Kaho Japanese Goldfish Pocket squareSaeger Cravat with Kaho Pocket Square


Guang Oriental Pattern Printed Silk Cravat with Deco Island Sunrise Pocket SquareGuang Cravat with Deco Island Sunrise Pocket Square


Lane Floral Cravat Fusao Japanese Pocket SquareLane Cravat with Fusao Pocket Square 


Yoshio Japanese Crests Tie deco island sunrise pocket squareYoshio Tie with Deco Island Sunrise Pocket Square


Rasmus Paisley Printed Silk Cravat Hidden Curiosities V Silk Pocket SquareRasmus Cravat with Hidden Curiosities VI Pocket Square


Anthos Floral Cravat Astraeus Paisley Pocket SquareAnthos Cravat with Astraeus Pocket Square


India Cravat with hikari pocket squareIndia Cravat with Hikari Pocket Square 


Aryan Paisley Silk Cravat Goutan Japanese Printed Silk Pocket SquareAryan Cravat with Goutan Pocket Square  


Emiliano floral cravat kaho goldfish pocket square Emiliano Cravat with Kaho Pocket Square


Arashi Japanese Waves Cravat Shion Green Pocket squareArashi Cravat with Shion Pocket Square


Lupin Floral Tie with Goutan Pocket squareLupin Tie with Shishimai Pocket Square


Halcyon Tie Hidden Curiosities III Pocket Square Halcyon Tie with Hidden Curiosities III Pocket Square


Fraser Silk Tie with Aoi Silk Pocket SquareFraser Tie with Aoi Pocket Square


Luca Purple Cravat Kaho Japanese Goldfish Pocket SquareLuca Cravat with Renjo Pocket Square



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