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Men's Scarves that Sway and Swagger

How to Wear a Men's Scarf

A sequel to our History of the Men's Scarf blog post, with more on how to incorporate a silk scarf into your attire. Read on for more...

A Statement of Intent

Cravat Club Silk Scarves for Men Made in England

Men’s style is something of a guiding passion here at Cravat Club. We are always pushing men to try new things with their styling, and are firm believers in experimentation and having fun with your outfits. 

For some men however, this can be a delicate balance; how to add colour and wit to your attire, while maintaining your reserve and elegance? We appreciate that adding too much colour, or wearing something that feels unnatural to you, isn’t going to make you look or feel better. You want to inhabit your clothes, rather than them looking like they’re an unwanted gift. Natural is the word.

Deco Island Nightfall Printed Silk Evening Scarf for Men

A silk scarf is a great way to add some panache to a simple outfit. Decadent and graceful, but with enough individual detail to show that you’ve considered your choice carefully, one of these beautiful garments can add a spectacular finish. Far from being the sole reserve of the dandy, they add an air of masculinity and flair in just the right way. Never flashy, always elegant; a silk scarf is your friend, and their use goes back a very long way.

History of The Men’s Scarf

Roman Empire Emperor Nero Wearing a Sudarium Scarf - History of Men's ScarfRoman Empire: Emperor Nero wore a sudarium scarf for public appearances. 

The origins of the men’s scarf, while somewhat shrouded in mystery, seem to date back as early as the 3rd Century BC. In China, of course the spiritual home of silk itself, the scarves seem to have been used among soldiers to denote rank and status. The famous Terracotta Army, intended to protect Qin Shi Huang, first emperor of unified China in the afterlife, all seem to be wearing tied neck scarves for this purpose. 

Later on and especially in Europe, they also came to be associated with the military, and more specifically the air force. Pilots during World War I would wear silk scarves to protect against the cold, giving us the iconic and rakish image of them that we conjure up today. 

Cary Grant in Only Angels Have Wings Pilot Silk Scarf
Cary Grant as Geoff Carter in the 1930s movie Only Angels Have Wings.

Style may have been secondary in these roles, but they certainly created a lasting impression on men’s fashion, giving a luxurious sheen to an otherwise rough-hewn outfit. Thankfully today’s silk scarf has a more genteel, gentlemanly image, far removed from the theatre of conflict. While a stylish trench coat and scarf may have their origins on the battlefield, you’re more likely to find them at the races or in a cocktail bar today. A mercy for certain, and one that gives you some key stylistic clues for how to wear one effectively.

Elegance & Versatility

Cravat Club Silk Evening Scarves for Men made in England

Perfect for day wear or in the evening, a silk scarf can give its unmatched presence to almost any outfit. You may think that their use is limited to special occasions, but that’s absolutely not the case. When worn with a work suit and smart coat, the silk scarf can give off an air of confidence and seniority. When paired in the evening with a nice shirt and jacket, there isn’t a restaurant in the land that would turn you away. 

Clearly it’s not a garment for those who want to fade into the background, but equally it should never feel flamboyant; you can lend colour and fantasy to even a muted outfit, and demonstrate an attention to detail with one of our beautiful silk scarves. These touches matter, and separate one who is trying from one who just is. Wear it with confidence and you’ll be rewarded.

Cravat Club Silk Evening Scarves for Men

Stunning, Hand-Drawn Designs

Cravat Club Hidden Curiosities Silk Scarves for Men Made in England

With more of a canvas to play with, you have more space to concoct the perfect design. Cravat Club’s silk scarf designs begin life as hand-drawings, and each one is printed beautifully onto the highest grade fabric. Inspired by William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement, they’re straight from Cravat Club’s in-house imagination, with each design exploring a different theme. Every piece brings something different to your outfit, both in terms of palette and of overall effect. Whether you need presence at the office or some style on the dancefloor, you can have style and wit wherever you go.

Aranami Dragons Silk Scarf for Men

Luxurious Silk

Hidden Curiosities Silk Scarf for Men Made in England

Finish is everything, and each one of our scarves is made of nothing but the finest twill silk, spun and specially softened to the highest quality and printed flawlessly right here in England. Feeling luxurious against your skin and glinting beautifully in the light, a silk scarf really should be a touch of opulence, and we cut no corners in getting ours to the highest quality.

Deco Island Moonlight Toucan Tropical Silk Scarf for Men

As we say, wearing a silk scarf is not about being flashy or over-the-top, but rather it’s a game of getting the final touches just right, and setting your outfit off perfectly. Whether it’s a simple black suit and tie, or a classic camel trench coat, these scarves  add a wealth of individuality and charisma to otherwise humble attire. The perfect finishing touch.

The Huntsman II Green Silk Evening Scarf for Men

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