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Woven vs Printed Silk Cravats - What's the Difference?

Should I choose woven or printed silk? What's the difference?

Cravat Club Woven vs Printed Silk Cravats Ascot Ties What's the Difference?Grade A1 Mulberry Jacquard Woven Silk vs 36oz Super Soft Printed Silk Twill 


Want to buy a cravat but unsure whether to get woven or printed silk? Well, let us explain their unique qualities to you.


Woven Silk Cravats  

Cravat Club Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Moving Image

The intricate detailing of our jacquard woven silk cravats.


Our luxurious jacquard woven silk cravats and ascot ties are expertly crafted from iridescent Grade A1 Mulberry silk, using high density warp counts and multi plys. Thanks to the abundance of silk fibres used, they are a heavier-weighted silk in comparison to our printed silk cravats, and perfect for mild days or a cooler climate to keep your neck warm.

And thanks to their jacquard weave construction, though soft and silky, they're full of texture, and are designed to “stay put” once tied, allowing you to look elegant and put together whatever your day, or evening, may entail. 


Cravat Club Woven Silk Cravats Plain Coloured

The beauty of our woven silk cravats is their iridescent quality.


What really stands out about our woven silk cravats is their beguiling iridescent nature. The light bounces off the silk fibres which really makes the colours glow whether in natural light or indoors. The quality and feel of our grade A1 Mulberry woven silk is the highest grade of silk there is, and as a result both looks and feels incredibly luxurious to wear.


Woven Silk Ascot Ties CravatsObserve the Jacquard weave texture of our grade A1 Mulberry silk cravats, and how the light bounces off the silk fibres.


This is where you’ll find our more classic, timeless designs - refined florals, bold stripes, elegant polka dots, alongside some of our most adventurous repeating designs. We think you’ll agree that the texture of our woven silk cravats is second to none, matching durability with a soft touch and flawless sheen. Perfect for a wedding, a big date, or a day out where personal style really counts. 

 Cravat Club Woven Silk Cravat

Cravat Club model wearing a woven silk cravat - notice how the colours are emphasised by the natural light.


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Printed Silk Cravats

Cravat Club Printed Silk Cravat Moving Image

Our printed silk cravats are incredibly soft, a lighter weight and incredibly breathable, perfect for those warmer days. 


Our super soft printed silk cravats are breathable and feel so good against the skin, you won't want to take them off, even during the warmer months of the year. Made from 36oz silk twill, a medium-weighted silk which is far from being flyaway. These are quite unlike a lot of the thinner or "flimsier" cravats and ascot ties which just slip down behind your shirt, which you often find elsewhere.


Cravat Club Polka Dot Printed Silk CravatsObserve the soft and silky twill texture in our polka dot printed silk cravats in the image above.  


The texture of the twill silk feels incredibly soft, like cashmere, with a sensuous silky feel against your skin. Our printed silk cravats tend to be more popular due to their versatility; the colours are bright and punchy, so you can dress them up or down depending on your outfit. They're a lot more breathable than our woven counterparts too, so they are sure to help keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer.  


Cravat Club Printed Silk Cravats Ascot Ties

 Our printed silk is often used to make punchy colours and eye-catching designs that really pop from your outfit when you wear them.  


Some of our liveliest designs, our printed silk cravats are a great way to express your individuality and personal style. Lightweight and specially treated to make them super-soft, they are home to playful prints, exotic patterns and glorious sunshine shades. Paisley to polka-dot, tessellations to tigers, our 100% silk cravats bring a pop of colour, and a touch of luxury to any outfit.

 Cravat Club Printed Silk CravatCravat Club model wearing a printed silk cravat and pocket square - notice the striking patterns and bold colours.


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At Cravat Club, our silk cravats and Ascot ties are made to suit every occasion, from weddings to race days, parties, or even a relaxed evening among friends. We use the highest quality silks, sewn in England to exacting standards, and decorated with bespoke designs from all over the globe. We don’t use cheap backings, or compromise on quality; we want you to feel the exceptional luxury of true, high quality silk when you wear our cravats. Browse our range of high quality silk cravats and you’re sure to find something to help you express your style.

So which do you think you'd prefer to wear? Woven or printed? Feel free to comment below.


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