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Woven Silk Cravats

Our luxurious woven silk cravats are expertly crafted from iridescent Grade A1 Mulberry silk, using high density warp counts and multi plys, designed to “stay put” once tied, allowing you to look elegant and put together whatever your day, or evening, may entail. This is where you’ll find our more classic, timeless designs - refined florals, bold stripes, elegant polka dots, alongside some of our most adventurous repeating designs.

We think you’ll agree that the texture of our woven silk cravats is second to none, matching durability with a soft touch and flawless sheen. Perfect for a wedding, a big date, or a day out where personal style really counts.

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At Cravat Club, our silk cravats and Ascot ties are made to suit every occasion, from formal events such as weddings, to race days, parties, or even a relaxed evening among friends. We use the highest quality silks, sewn in England to exacting standards, and decorated with bespoke designs from all over the globe. We don’t use cheap backings, or compromise on quality; we want you to feel the exceptional luxury of true, high quality silk when you wear our cravats. Browse our range of high quality silk cravats and you’re sure to find something to help you express your style.

Some of our most popular designs 

Our Victor silk ascot tie features a repeating pattern of silver grey skulls, over a raven black backing. Perfect for adding a rebellious touch.

Our Arlo silk cravat puts a classic polka dot in brilliant white over a rich carmine red backing. A classic pattern with bold colour.

Our Ambrose silk ascot tie displays a beautiful and delicate floral pattern in harvest gold, white, sky blue and Persian rose, over a midnight navy blue. Colourful, rich and detailed.

Our Avaro silk cravat is a platinum white with a classic paisley in cream and raw umber, for a gentle, elegant finish.