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Goodwood Revival 2023

A vintage car rally, an air display show, a celebration of the past, a high point on the social calendar. Goodwood Revival is all these things and more, providing a weekend that’s the centre of the universe for fans of vintage motor vehicles and classic clothing.

We'll be celebrating our 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting this year, as we're very pleased to announce we'll be exhibiting again from 8th-10th September. 

We'll be at stand 47 in the Trackside area (High Street). Every year has been incredible so far, and we're very excited to see you there again. You can still get tickets here, but hurry as they're selling out quickly.

Not sure what to wear? How about a cravat for starters? Why not peruse our hand-curated selection of silk cravats, ties, scarves and pocket squares that would look great for Goodwood? Or see our Goodwood Revival: Gentlemen's Style blog post for some style inspiration from our customers at a past event.

Either order online here so you're ready for Goodwood Revival, or if you require any assistance, get in touch here, or simply pop in to see us at the stand at the event and we can assist you, and even help you with tying it. 



The Cravat, or Ascot tie, has a long history. Originating from Croatia, or Hrvatska in the local language, it began as military wear, which evolved into elegant courtly fashion in France at the court of Louis XIII. These cravats were often made of lace, to signify the wearer’s wealth and social standing. The English aristocracy took to the cravat with some enthusiasm, introducing colours, patterns, and other fine fabrics, which were taken up by Carnaby Street tailors in the sixties to new, flamboyant heights. These silk cravats are the inspiration for Cravat Club’s collection of beautiful patterns, fine fabrics, and creative approaches to men’s style.

Our range of silk cravats include something to suit every style and skin tone - from warm pinks, purples and crimsons, to cooler tones like blues and greys. We also have bespoke, artist-drawn designs from Europe and Asia, to really accentuate your individuality, and to let you explore your own personal style. At Cravat Club, we want to offer even the most stylish young gentleman something to really take the silk cravat into the modern age, to change the association with age and wealth. We bring a sense of swagger and a modern flair to all of our fine silk cravats.

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The modern tie began life at the French court in the 17th century. Louis XIII was said to favour the cravats worn by Croatian soldiers as an elegant accessory, which gradually made their way over to England. During the 20th century, the tie evolved into its current state, where it became an indispensable part of men’s fashion, for formal occasions, work, and play. The many various styles of ties, knots and patterns have come and gone as fashions change, but the tie remains - a timeless classic of men’s style.

At Cravat Club, all of our silk ties are hand-stitched here in England, and made from the highest quality fabrics, with the greatest attention to detail, with real silk backing. From reds and blues, to floral patterns, tessellations, and bespoke prints that would look good around any gentleman’s neck, we have something for every occasion. We interpret timeless classics for the modern gentleman, making sure all our fine silk designs make the perfect accessory for any outfit.

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Silk Scarves

The history of the scarf dates back to as early as the 3rd century BCE. Terracotta soldiers buried with the first emperor of unified China was can be seen wearing tied neck scarves, which were used to denote rank.

In the late Roman empire, a band of linen cloth known as a “sudarium” was part of a standard gentleman's costume, either worn around the neck or knotted around the waist. Emperor Nero wore a sudarium during almost all public appearances, and some coins from his reign even feature him wearing it around his neck.

By the First World War, scarves were a staple winter garment for men. Art from the time depicts soldiers wearing scarves in the trenches - (the iconic trenchcoat, fittingly enough, was also designed by Burberry for the war). Silk scarves were then introduced as an accessory for pilots to protect their necks from the elements, as they flew in open cockpits. 

A silk scarf is the perfect accessory to show off your rakish demeanour - it's one of the few accessories for men that makes a statement, while simultaneously projects an air of nonchalance. Whatever age you are, whatever milieu you move in, there is nothing quite so elegantly raffish as a men's silk evening scarf casually draped around one's neck

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Pocket Squares

The pocket square dates from antiquity, all the way back to ancient Greece, where a simple piece of white linen worn as a handkerchief was a sign of elegance and wealth. This evolved in the middle ages as a gentleman’s way to protect oneself from the foul smells of urban life, often scented with perfumes and herbs. The links to the aristocracy allowed the handkerchief to evolve into a fashion accessory in both the English and French courts, with loud patterns, exquisite fabrics and prominent displays of style. We have a wide range of silk pocket squares, from reds and greens, to blues, floral prints, paisleys and more modern tessellating patterns, so you can have something to suit your occasion, in whatever fashion you choose.

A silk pocket square is perfect for adding detail, for a splash of colour on a formal outfit, or displaying your personality and personal style. Paisley, floral patterns, polka dot prints, bespoke artistic designs - all find their place in our range of handkerchiefs. Our pocketsquares are made of the finest silks, and are handcrafted in England to the highest standards, as are all of our cravats, scarves and ties.