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Contemporary Cravats

Something a little edgier for the more modern chap?

Our collection of skulls, pocket watches and animal prints are just the ticket to finish off a striking look for the gentleman that likes to stand out from the crowd.

Staff Picks
• Fresh blue paired with vibrant yellow and red tigers make our Saber silk cravat a striking number. You can either tone down the bright colours with muted hues from a brown suit or turn up the volume with a brick red three piece for example. The choice is yours.
• Bright and fiery hues meet a bold botanical pattern with our Ignacio silk cravat. Shades of spice red, blush pink, electric lemon and moss green all come together nicely to really make any outfit a sure-fire showstopper. 
• Our James nautical cravat with compasses and anchors design is unique yet refined enough to pair with any outfit. In navy, lime green and aqua blue, feel free to experiment with an array of colour combinations. 

The Cravat, or Ascot tie, has a long history. Originating from Croatia, or Hrvatska in the local language, it began as military wear, which evolved into elegant courtly fashion in France at the court of Louis XIII. These cravats were often made of lace, to signify the wearer’s wealth and social standing. The English aristocracy took to the cravat with some enthusiasm, introducing colours, patterns, and other fine fabrics, which were taken up by Carnaby Street tailors in the sixties to new, flamboyant heights. These silk cravats are the inspiration for Cravat Club’s collection of beautiful patterns, fine fabrics, and creative approaches to men’s style.