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Feast your eyes on our latest additions, with striking hues and eye-catching designs, perfect for the autumn and winter months...

As we move into a cooler climate, these warm and inviting shades from our collection will help your style move from the summer gone into the stylish autumnal and winter months. These cravats are 36oz premium printed silk, specially treated for an ultra soft finish - incredibly comfortable against your skin, and entirely breathable, yet will keep you cosy and warm when the weather is more bracing. Perfect for wearing with tweed, a woollen suit, or a stylish shirt, this collection will really help your personal style shine.

Our premium silk cravats and ascot ties are designed to make you feel smart, stylish, and totally at home in your surroundings.

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Our silk cravats are all made from 100% silk, finished with a special technique to make them incredibly soft. The breathable fabric will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

No compromises are made on quality and we steer away from substandard fabrics and production methods. All of our products are made from the finest available silk, and you will find it difficult to match our quality or our attention to detail, wherever you go.