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Autumn Winter 2023 Collection

It's here! We're thrilled to show you our eagerly awaited Autumn & Winter 2023 Collection. We've prepared an array of tantalising printed silk cravats and ascot ties that will elevate your style for the season.

Immerse yourself in an opulent palette inspired by the earthy tones of autumn and the serene shades of winter. These hues, ranging from deep blues and fiery reds to lush greens, gleaming golds, rich purples, soothing greys and warm browns are redolent with the seasons' charm, perfectly complementing the layers that keep you snug yet stylish. Transform your outfit with flair and sophistication.

Rediscover beloved classics with a twist. Our ever-popular Japanese designs - graceful Koi carp and enigmatic dragons make a triumphant return in stunning new seasonal shades, along with our long-standing classics such as paisleys, pocket watches, botanicals and geometric patterns. Brace yourself for fresh designs that push the boundaries of Cravat Club’s range, including characterful bison skulls, edgy skull motifs, whimsical aeroplanes and majestic deer motifs, effortlessly marrying timeless elegance with the spirit of adventure.