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What to Wear at Goodwood Revival


Goodwood Revival what to Wear Men's Style Ascot Tie Cravat

The thrilling sound of engines roaring, that distinct smell of petrol and burnt rubber in the air, the sight of well dressed ladies and gentlemen in vintage style clothing...If you haven't visited Goodwood Revival yet, you're missing out, it truly is an unique experience and a wonderful atmosphere.   

Goodwood Revival Meeting is an event we have participated in for over eight years now, and we're excited to announce we'll be exhibiting again from 16th-18th September this year.

We'll be at stand 43 in the Trackside area (High Street). It's going to be a great event as always, and we look forward to seeing you there. You can still get tickets here, but hurry as they're selling out quickly.


Goodwood Revival Style

Goodwood Revival What to Wear Cravat Ascot Tie Gentlemen's Style

So, you have your ticket, but you're unsure what to wear? It's not a prerequisite, but joining in the fun and dressing in vintage style attire is certainly looked upon favourably, and the vast majority of people do dress up.

We may sound biased but whether you're planning on wearing a tweed suit, a more casual outfit with a shirt, or even a racing coverall, we strongly recommend wearing a cravat. This will elevate your look immensely - it will appear like you have made a real effort, rather than leaving your shirt looking unfinished with an open neck, and let's face it, a cravat is far more comfortable than a restrictive tie around your neck.  

Why opt for a Cravat Club silk cravat you ask? Don't get us wrong, you'll see plenty of other men at Goodwood wearing cravats, neckerchiefs or neck scarves during the event. But if you look closer, the chances are they're not made from high quality silk (therefore not comfortable or breathable around the neck), the pattern or design is a bit uninspired which may let their whole outfit down, or they're wearing a sort of flimsy make-shift cravat which is halfway down their chest as there's not enough material, it doesn't sit right due to the type of material, or it simply hasn't been tied correctly. 

Cravat Club silk ascots and cravats Goodwood Revival 2022

Our cravats on the other hand are 100% premium A-grade Mulberry silk through and through (no cotton or polyester backing like you see with some cheaper alternatives), are beautifully weighted at 36oz silk (breathable but also less likely to slip or undo), and with a length of 120cm and a blade width of 15cm, which makes them easier to tie properly and avoids the dreaded cravat disappearing act. Furthermore, have you seen the plethora of designs, styles and spectrum of colours we have to offer? You're absolutely spoilt for choice here.   

We're here to make you look your best and we know that we have a lot of cravats to choose from which may be a little overwhelming, so we've picked out our top 10 cravats that would be suitable for the Goodwood Revival event this year. See our favourites below.


No. 1 - EWEN 

Ewen Green and Yellow Paisley Printed Silk CravatMuddy Green with Cloud Grey & Warm Sand Small Paisley Design Silk Cravat


No. 2 - XIAOWEN 

XIAOWEN Red Blue Chinese Pattern Printed Silk Cravat Goodwood RevivalShanghai Red with Bronze & China Blue Oriental Style Pattern Silk Cravat


No. 3 - ROCCO

Rocco navy and orange printed silk polka dot cravat goodwood revivalNavy with Apricot Orange Polka Dots Silk Cravat


No. 4 - SOUTA

Souta Green Koi Carp Silk Cravat Ascot Tie Goodwood RevivalPistachio, Niagra Blue, Khaki, Bronze & Beige Koi Carp Ukiyo-e Silk Cravat



Joaquin orange geometric pattern silk cravat goodwood revivalWarm Orange with Morocco Red & Navy Geometric Floral Pattern Silk Cravat



Alessio blue yellow polka dot silk cravat for menCornflower Blue with Canary Yellow Small Polka Dots Silk Cravat


No. 7 - DANIEL

Daniel Black Grey Brown Geometric Pattern Silk Ascot Tie For Men Goodwood RevivalThunder with Copper, Fawn Brown & White Geometric Silk Cravat


No. 8 - HINATA

Hinata Japanese Koi Carp Silk Cravat for MenBlue-Grey with Cardinal Red & Thunder Japanese Circling Koi Silk Cravat


No. 9 - KELSO

Kelso Red Yellow Paisley Silk Cravat for MenCardinal Red with Pale Jasmine Yellow & Slate Paisley Silk Cravat


No. 10 - YAMATO

Yamato Japanese waves silk cravat ascot tieNavy with Vibrant Coral Pink, Cloud Grey, Warm Gold, Stormy Blue, White & Earth Brown Japanese Wave Pattern Silk Cravat


Want to see more style inspiration? Take a look at our Goodwood Revival Collection here.


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