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What Do I Wear at Goodwood Revival?

Goodwood Revival What to Wear Classic Car Show
A vintage car rally, an air display show, a celebration of the past, a high point on the social calendar. Goodwood Revival is all these things and more, providing a weekend that’s the centre of the universe for fans of vintage motor vehicles and classic clothing.

At Cravat Club, we consider the Goodwood Revival to be our home away from home. All those revving engines, glamorous stalls and (of course) glamorous people - there’s just something special about it. Relevant to our interests of course, it’s also the perfect chance for gentlemen to dress up and put on something special, whether that’s an elegant suit, a vintage coat, or a fine silk cravat. 

We'll be celebrating our 10th Goodwood Revival Meeting this year, as we're very pleased to announce we'll be exhibiting again from 8th-10th September. 

We'll be at Stand 47 in the Trackside Area (High Street). Every year has been incredible so far, and we're very excited to see you there again. You can still get tickets here, but hurry as they're selling out quickly.

Goodwood Revival 2023 What to Wear Men's

We specialise in precisely the kind of high-quality, handmade men’s fashions that Goodwood just screams for. Whether you’re after a classic look from the past, want to pair your favourite jacket properly, or are simply looking for something to take your style up a notch, Cravat Club speaks the language of Goodwood. We’re well acquainted with the environment, as well as with the style cues you’ll be looking for on race day. 

You’ll need to consider a few aspects. 

What about the weather?

While Goodwood is fairly close to the (relatively) sunny south coast, and the worst of the weather comes later in the year, unfortunately we are still in England and the climate here is almost never reliable. Consider whether you want to wear heavier or lighter fabrics, and think about rain protection if necessary. It has to be said that a silk cravat is your friend on this metric, being formal and yet comfortable to wear, breathable and less restrictive than a tie. If in doubt, there’s always the most gentlemanly of accessories - the humble umbrella! 

Am I dressed appropriately?

Vintage-appropriate dress and smarter clothes are encouraged, but not mandatory at Goodwood. If you have a stylish vintage piece or a favoured tweed blazer you’re simply dying to bring out, it’s the perfect opportunity. In all likelihood, you’re not going to be able to go “too far” at the circuit - it’s the perfect catwalk for the stylish gent. However, if you’re not comfortable being the centre of attention, just ensure you’ve scrubbed up well enough and enjoy the events. It’s important, first and foremost, to have a good time, whatever that entails for you.

How do I accessorise my outfit?

Now this is an area that we can help you with! Cravat Club’s silk accessories are perfectly tailored for such an occasion, with a huge range of colours and designs to fire your imagination and make your outfit extra-special.

Tweed is something we get asked about a lot. While it’s a very traditional cut of fabric, its subdued base hues usually hide vibrant threads of purple, crimson, emerald green or similar. This is a gift for matching accessories. Find a contrast thread from your jacket, trousers, or waistcoat, then pick it out with your cravat, pocket square or tie. Your outfit will not only look harmonious and well thought-out, it also gives you the opportunity to go wild a little and express yourself.

Here are a few examples from our collection that will help you excel at the Goodwood Revival:

Dustin Cravat

Dustin Red Green Olive Polka Dot Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

This crimson and olive green classic polka dot pairs beautifully and subtly with tweeds, especially if you have red tones running through the fabric. Almost nothing is as versatile as this pattern, which can either be subdued or vibrant depending how you pair it; earth tones make this ascot tie harmonious, whereas darker jackets will make it into a pop of colour.

Thomas Cravat

Thomas Blue Green Pink Paisley Silk Cravat

Look closely at your tweed jacket - you’ll be surprised how often bright, dazzling colours pop up in the stitching. Our Thomas cravat is the perfect thing to bring out a bright pink or blue thread, looking spectacular against the base colour of your outfit. Another versatile classic, a paisley can do it all, meaning it’s useful for a wedding or night out long after Goodwood is over. 

Sanjuro Pocket Square

Sanjuro Black Red Green Samurai Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Square

Cravat Club’s large multiway pocket squares offer you a rainbow of hues, enabling you to wear them in different ways for different outfits. A handkerchief or pocket is also perhaps the easiest way of dressing up a simple jacket, lending a flash of colour and finesse in an instant. The traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e design is inspired by woodblock prints, and features Rashomon actor Toshiro Mifune as a samurai, resplendent with violet, sky blue and golden yellow. Make the most of the motif, or simply use the multiway design to pick out a complementary colour - your choice!

Kaede Pocket Square

Kaede Japanese Koi Carp Pink Silk Pocket Square for Men

Another one of our Japanese-inspired prints, this pocket square in raspberry pink, caffe latte and turquoise gives you an elegant foil to your outer jacket. In the box this handkerchief may look bright and sunny, but it takes on a delicacy when paired with the right outfit - try it with tan or khaki colours.

Horus Cravat

Horus Egyptian Print Silk Cravat for men

A boon to any tweed with purple accents, this ascot’s ancient Egyptian pattern in violet and sand is a beautiful complement. Again, this is a fine example of bright colours going toward a subtle effect, with many weaves featuring this combination of earth tone and vibrant detailing. Give this illustrative print a chance with a three piece suit and you’re sure to draw the right kind of attention.

Hidden Curiosities X Silk Scarf

Hidden Curiosities X Silk Scarf for Men

Part of a series commissioned for Hidden Curiosities Gin, this silk scarf is one for pulling out all the stops. A hand-drawn nature scene in deep green, bordeaux and cobalt, paired with a subtly graduated copper base, this scarf really says “I’ve arrived”. It’s a beautifully casual way of dressing up an outfit, even a simple jacket, speaking of good taste and luxury without being too opulent. As day turns to night, such a scarf can be an invaluable touch of swagger.

We always enjoy spending time at the Goodwood Revival, both for the atmosphere and to connect with our well-dressed customers. Meeting so many of you and seeing how you style our silks provides constant inspiration, with this being a highlight on our calendar. However, you can still look perfect for the occasion, finding the perfect finish for your ensemble in our collection. Gentlemen - never be afraid to express your Revival style with Cravat Club’s range.

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