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Wedding Season: Style Tips for the Groom, Groomsmen and the Well-Dressed Guest

Cravat Club Wedding Season style tips for groom, groomsmen, well dressed guest

Cravat Club grooms styling our silk ascots into wedding cravats on their big day. 

Do you hear the wedding bells chime? Are invitations beginning to land on your doorstep? Wedding season is fast approaching, so what are you going to do about it? Whether you're the dashing groom or a distinguished guest, one thing is certain - your ensemble needs a touch of sophistication.

With the summer sun about to warm up, weddings are getting booked up well in advance. You’d be forgiven for wondering what to wear. Here at Cravat Club HQ, we understand the importance of style. We offer the quintessential finishing touches to ensure you stand out with finesse and flair. The big day gives you the perfect backdrop to flaunt your impeccable taste. Yet, despite the endless possibilities laid at your feet, the pressure to adhere to conventional attire can be…oppressive, to say the least.

This is where your accessories come to the rescue. While the suit may demand restraint, reserve and seriousness, accessories offer the perfect canvas for self-expression. A silk cravat or pocket square, allows you to play with hues and patterns well outside of what would be possible in a bigger garment, and can raise your game from mundane to magnificent.

The Groom

Cravat Club Wedding Season Silk Ascot Ties, Cravats, Scarves for MenModel wears our FLINT polka dot cravat.

As the groom, we advise you to grab your role with both hands. Whether you opt for bold and punchy or classic and refined, ensure your ensemble reflects your personality, and don’t feel like you just have to do the thing that everyone else does.

Does your wedding have a theme or a colour scheme? Let your accessories help tell that story. However, always always ALWAYS consult with your partner! While you want to look great (and deserve to), we advise keeping your focus on your better half, never attempting to outshine them. The gentleman knows that he is never truly the centre of attention.

Cravat Club Wedding Season Silk Ascots, Ties, Cravats, Scarves Pocket Squares for Men Made in England
Cravat Club customers styling our cravats and pocket squares on their big day.


The Groomsmen

Wedding Season Cravat Club Silk Cravats Ascot Ties for Men

Exuding unique style - the groom gave the groomsmen free rein to choose their own Cravat Club cravat for his big day. 

Now, to the groomsmen. Sometimes called ushers, this is a role of the utmost importance. You are part of a crack team and must ensure that the day goes well! Teamwork makes the dream work here - coordinate your accessories to forge a united front, showing some camaraderie and creating an elegant effect.

These are your team colours and no man must be left behind! Again, as groomsmen will be quite visible throughout the event, never forget to involve the whole team in the decision-making process. Ensure that they’re able to feel both comfortable and dashing.

The Guests

Cravat Club Wedding Season Silk Ties for Men
Wearing our HIRO silk tie and FLORENT silk pocket square

Guests, it’s time to shine. While the days of uniform suits are passé, men’s fashion beckons you with its endless temptations. So don’t be shy - start with your suit as your canvas, then let your accessories set you apart. Experiment with colours, patterns, and textures and assert your individuality. Whether it's a cravat exuding its timeless elegance, a pocket square adding subtle flair, or a classic necktie nodding to tradition, these accouterments elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Your responsibilities extend to being there to enjoy yourself, so make the most of it.

Cravat Club wedding season

Model wears GUILFORD silk cravat

A cravat’s loose fit and breathable silk make it extremely comfortable and easy to wear, banishing any thoughts of starchy, itchy collars and feeling out-of-place. Even at a hot summer wedding (and we’ve been to a few of those at Cravat Club HQ), a cravat can be your best friend.

This is not, however, to disdain the tie. More traditional but every bit as stylish, and perhaps even more versatile, a silk necktie is effortlessly elegant. Select a quality piece crafted from good fabric, and you can have a friend for life.

But for those daring souls seeking an avant-garde twist, we present the silk evening scarf. Statement pieces that command attention, these scarves add an air of mystique and flamboyance to any outfit, sparking conversations and turning heads with every stride.Beautiful to look at an effortless to wear, the only barrier is confidence!

Cravat Club wedding season silk scarves for wedding guest

Model wears our HIDDEN CURIOSITIES X printed silk evening scarf.

In the end, remember - the choice is yours. With confidence as your guide and sophistication as your armour, you’ll navigate wedding styling with grace.

Browse our collections, or have a look at the way our customers have styled theirs - you’re sure to find the wedding inspiration you seek,

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