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Wear it Like Hastings - the effortless style of Bridgerton

The Duke of Hastings oozing charisma and sex appeal with his effortless cravat-donning abilities…

Netflix Duke Hastings Bridgerton Cravat©Liam Daniel/Netflix


You may or may not have already seen Netflix’s period-drama-with-a-twist “Bridgerton”, set in 1813 in London’s aristocratic upper-crust social circle. Every year, London society formally meets to marry off the set’s eligible women to its young and handsome bachelors. The story's main focus is on Daphne Bridgerton, a young debutante, who is on a quest to find a suitable husband in her first London social season.


Bridgerton Netflix Simon Hastings Daphne Red Cravat©Liam Daniel/Netflix


This series takes on a unique, more modern, and slightly steamier approach compared to your traditional period drama. With smoking, drinking and sex as common day-to-day features, and a stunning visual style - a vibrant colour-palette, opulent and edgy costuming, and eye-catching embellishments to complete the characters' looks. 

As you can imagine, cravats feature prominently in the men's costume department, particularly the day cravats (ascot ties), rakishly and charismatically worn by one of the main protagonists, the Duke of Hastings, portrayed by Regé-Jean Page. He has caused quite a stir since the show started, with smouldering sex appeal simply spilling out of him.


Bridgerton Netflix Series Simon Hastings Duke Cravat Ascot Tie Bar©Liam Daniel/Netflix


Effortlessly, but purposefully draping his cravat loosely around his neck, this look emphasises a sort of handsome, rugged and rakish, yet well-dressed look that is his appeal. This just goes to show that you don't have to make a strong feature or point while wearing a cravat. After all, you should be wearing your clothing and accessories, not the other way round. It can simply peek out from under your shirt and give your outfit the right accent for the right occasion, giving a flash of style and individuality.



Bridgerton Duke Simon Hastings Cravat Style Menswear

Image: Instagram


Why not wear it casually on your upcoming lockdown Valentine's date night, even if it'll end up (unfortunately) being via Zoom? It might just add that extra je ne sais quoi and add a little charisma to your style. As with any accessory, wear it with conviction and quiet confidence, as if it's part of you, which will avoid it looking forced or out of place. 

If you're new to wearing cravats, think of them as hats - get used to wearing them by wearing one at every opportune moment, even if it means wearing them on your daily walk or during one of your Zoom work calls. Take a selfie in one for your Instagram if you like, and soon enough cravats will become a natural part of your wardrobe. Then simply sit back and observe as your mojo grows stronger by the day.  



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We can’t all be Regency dignitaries, but by taking some inspiration from the suave and brooding Duke of Hastings, you can elevate your look with a day cravat, and bring a hint of style to any outfit.


Bridgerton Simon Daphne Duke Hastings Cravat©Liam Daniel/Netflix

Bridgerton is available to watch on Netflix now. 


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