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Valentine's Day Style Guide: Dress to Impress

Cravat Club Valentine's Day Dress to Impress Wearing our IRVINE silk tie

Valentine's Day is just coming up on the horizon, so it may be a good time to think about what you're planning to wear. Whether you’re pulling out all the stops with gifts, flowers and Michelin-starred restaurant reservations, or have simply made a promise of a home-cooked meal and night in together, what you wear will be just as important as the date itself.

Wearing our Hidden Curiosities VI silk scarfHidden Curiosities VI Pink Grey Printed Silk Evening Scarf for Men
You're bound to feel the nerves if you don't do this often; whether it’s a budding romance, or you've known one another for years, it’s all too easy to leave it until the last minute. However if you carefully plan your outfit in advance you'll feel confident and comfortable on the date, and put over the best possible version of yourself.

As we are tentatively doing more normal things again after the pandemic lockdowns, simple things such as dating or going to restaurants somehow feel slightly alien and a bigger deal. A little extra effort goes a long way to making it a pleasant experience for the both of you.   

Cravat Club Valentines Day Dress to ImpressWearing our NEREUS silk cravat

One thing's for certain, if you put the thought in and ensure you dress well for your significant other, we'll guarantee you it won’t go unnoticed. Your date will appreciate the trouble you have taken to make yourself look good, and it will make them feel valued too.

Cravat Club Valentine's Day Silk Scarf Dress to ImpressWearing our DECO ISLAND NIGHTFALL silk scarf

A silk cravat, tie or evening scarf will finish off your outfit nicely, giving the impression that you've put thought into your appearance for your date. If you want to go for something more understated, then a humble silk pocket square would do just that - just giving that little touch of je ne sais quoi to your attire without showing your date up in the wardrobe department.

Yufuku Japanese Kabuki Printed Silk Pocket SquareWearing our YUFUKU silk pocket square

We've curated a special selection of our men's silk accessories specifically for the big Valentine's date, or alternatively, Valentine’s gift ideas (psst, may be worth sending this link to your loved one…). So why not take a moment, pour yourself a drink, and peruse at your leisure?  

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