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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Cravat Club Valentine's Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day, the season of love, the time to really show your loved one how much you appreciate them. It’s also the time to try your luck with someone new, or to renew your commitment to a partner. While it may sometimes seem corny, trust us - it’s always worth making an effort at this time of year. 

While winter can seem cold and dark, the end is beginning to come into view at this time of year, and it can be a time to take stock, reconnect with what’s important, and make sure that those you love most in life are taken care of.

A Martyr for Love

Roman feast of Lupercalia Valentine's Day History ofThe Roman Feast of Lupercalia

Today’s tradition dates back to the time of the Romans, and it’s somewhat difficult at this distance to ascertain its exact origins. It may have its beginnings in the Roman feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival featuring both fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. Understandably, this feast of carnality was not popular with the church at the time… As such, the feast of St Valentine may have been promoted as an alternative.

What is known is that St. Valentine was a Christian martyr, it’s just not quite certain which one he was - there was certainly more than one! The most likely candidate dates from about 270 BC, when a priest with that name was martyred by the Emperor Claudius II. Another legend says that he defied the emperor’s orders and secretly married off couples to spare the men conscription for war.

Whatever the true story, the holiday is undeniably important today, with emphasis placed on showing your loved one that you really care about them. And whether it’s flowers, chocolates, a candlelit dinner or a weekend away, romance is always in the air at this time of year.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Hidden Curiosities VII wolf dodo design Printed Silk Evening Scarf for men

Valentine’s Day can be the opportunity to show that you really care about your boyfriend, husband or partner. A good gift is not about “more stuff” either; selecting the right gift, with a bit of care, can really show how strongly you feel for someone. That being said, men are notoriously hard to buy for, and only get more so as they age. 

We think a silk accessory is a great way to show that you care about someone; it’s luxurious, it’s thoughtful, and it will look great on them. It also shows that you’ve thought about them individually, rather than just picking something off the shelf just because you should.

If you want to buy your partner something nice to wear, but have found yourself a little stuck for ideas, we’ve put together a Valentine's Day collection, to shine a spotlight on some pieces that we think are perfect for the occasion. Below are some highlights, because nothing says “I love you” better than silk…

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Agustin Silk Cravat

Agustin Red Cream Floral Silk Ascot Tie Cravat for Men

This beautiful cravat features a floral pattern in firebrick red with caramel and vanilla overtones. If your recipient needs something lighter to match a tweed jacket, or has warm tones to his skin, this might be the perfect palette for him. Subtle if you want it to be, but can also shine as part of a more elaborate ensemble.


Hidden Curiosities IX Silk Evening Scarf

Hidden Curiosities IX Red Scarf for Men

If you want a gift that’s going to wow him, a silk evening scarf might well be the ultimate unboxing experience. This Arts & Crafts inspired piece, complete with a detailed woodland scene, is dyed a viscous cranberry red, and is the ultimate flourish for a formal outfit.

When worn with a long coat and a simple shirt, this spectacular garment negates the need for any extra finishing touches, making your gentleman look incredible simply as he is. Nothing quite says luxury like a silk scarf.

Yufuku Large Multiway Pocket Square

Yufuku Japanese Kabuki Character Silk Pocket Square for Men

Inspired by Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock designs, Cravat Club’s multiway pocket squares make for a versatile gift with a stunning first impression. These large and beautifully drawn designs can be worn a multitude of different ways, to match with different outfits, or to show off different parts of the design.

The Yufuku pocket square is designed by Japanese artist Yusuke Aoki, and features a scene from the renowned kabuki play “Renjishi”. The actor is depicted as a Shishi, a guardian lion, representing courage and valour. The blend of candyfloss pink and sunglow orange give you almost unlimited scope to match with your attire.


Dustin Polka Dot Cravat

Dustin Red Olive Green Polka Dot Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

Versatile, classic and understated, a polka-dot never lets you down. If your man tends to go for classics, then this look may be for him. In bordeaux red with olive green accents, this cravat demonstrates gentle opulence, and is equally at home in a gentleman’s club or in a cocktail bar. Might even be one to convince the doubtful that a cravat can work on them, too.


Havardr Woven Silk Necktie

Havardr Pink Cream Paisley Woven Silk Tie for Men

A good tie is every man’s best friend, and the luxury of a woven silk tie will elevate even the most basic shirt into something a little special. Woven from nothing but grade A1 mulberry silk, this beautiful paisley tie in ethereal pinks, navy and pale yellow will provide a devastating accent to your outfit. More than suitable for a date, a party, or even a day at work, there is almost no task a tie like this cannot be called to.


Firebrick Core Tone Silk Cravat

Firebrick Plain Red Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

Nothing says “valentine” better than a deep red, and this romantic cravat makes the most of its stunning shade. Our Core Tone range gives you a range of striking colours to choose from, in a departure from Cravat Club’s range of delicate patterns and designs. 

An incredible accent to a simple shirt and jacket, and perfectly complementing an array of favourites, this cravat is a beautiful alternative both at work and at play.


Felix Polka Dot Pocket Square

Felix Black and White Polka Dot Silk Pocket Square Handkerchief for Men

As it is said, black never goes out of style. A subtle and discreet gift, this deep black and white polka-dot pocket square is for the man who likes to whisper rather than shout. Looking incredible with a black jacket, or anchoring a more colourful garment incredibly well, this pocket square will more than earn its keep in the recipient’s wardrobe.


Chihiro Cherry Blossom Cravat

Chihiro Grey Pink Cherry blossom Japanese Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

An ethereal and beautiful cravat, the Chihiro gives the wearer a delicate Japanese cherry blossom pattern in thunder grey and orange. The cherry blossom season is brief and fleeting, and the symbolism of this is not lost on the Japanese, who see it as a symbol of beauty and of the fragility of life. A sign that, even though Valentine’s Day is in the dead of winter, spring is just around the corner. Pairs beautifully with a dark jacket, or use the orange and violet tones to pick out detail in lighter garments.

Pull Out All The Stops

Vittorio red geometric woven silk tie for men

Only intended as a guide, we hope that our Valentine’s Day rundown gives you some ideas about the perfect gift for the man in your life. Whether he’s already a sharp dresser, or needs a bit of help to look his best, one of our 100% silk accessories will show him you care, and give you the best-dressed version of him. We hope that he’s pulling out all the stops in return, and that you can show each other what your relationship means. Enjoy!

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