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Treat Yourself 2021

 Rufus Striped Silk Cravat

Happy New Year Gentlemen! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas period over the winter holidays, and are slowly easing into 2021 with a slightly more optimistic outlook for the new year. We know 2020 hasn't been easy for all sorts of reasons, with the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the news for the most part, and all of us knowing we're still not out of the woods just yet. And with another long and drawn-out lockdown announced in the UK, things have just been a lot tougher on us than they otherwise would have been, with our usual ever-busy lives.

But wherever you are in the world, we know this is affecting all of us in some way or another, whether it's in business or our personal lives, or both. So let's just remind ourselves to be kind, not only to those around you, but to look after ourselves too.

Perhaps that means having a bit of you time, or treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy? A new item of clothing to make you feel good, whether that's a warm winter sweater or some new winter boots? We thought we would list below some of our favourite cravats, pocket squares, scarves, ties and even protective silk masks that we thought might provide a little pick-me-up... 

Xiang Blue Pink Chinese Pattern Cravat Xiang Cravat



Miharu Japanese Pocket SquareMiharu Pocket Square 


Tigre Tiger Printed Silk Cravat Tigre Cravat 


Kaho Goldfish Grey Pink Japanese Pocket Square Kaho Pocket Square

 Andres Red White Paisley CravatAndres Cravat


Hidden Curiosities II Printed Silk Scarf Hidden Curiosities II Scarf



Anthos Cravat Anthos Cravat



Otis Purple Blue Green TieOtis Tie



Emiliano Face MaskEmiliano Face Mask 



Gideon Paisley Cravat Gideon Cravat


Deco Island Sunrise Printed Silk Pocket SquareDeco Island Sunrise Pocket Square


Leo Animal Print Printed Silk CravatLeo Cravat


Yufuku Kabuki Pocket SquareYufuku Pocket Square


Axel Woven Black and White Polka Dot CravatAxel Cravat


Zephyrus Yellow Paisley Silk Pocket SquareZephyrus Pocket Square


Randulf Green Blue Paisley Woven Silk CravatRandulf Cravat


Lionheart Paisley TieLionheart Tie



Guillermo Geometric Printed Silk CravatGuillermo Cravat 


Marino Blue Face MaskMarino Face Mask


Rufus Orange Brown Striped CravatRufus Cravat


 The Huntsman VIII Scarf The Huntsman VIII Scarf

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