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The Woman Driving Men's Style

We're celebrating International Women's Day on Tuesday 8th March here at Cravat Club. Here's why... 

International Women's Day

The 8th of March is International Women's Day; an annual celebration of the cultural, political, and socio-economic achievements of women. This day highlights the opportunity to acknowledge women's successes and to bridge the gap of gender equality.

An important day for Cravat Club too; although the target audience is predominantly male, this company is in fact female-led and run by creator, director and business owner, Jennifer Lane. We want to mark International Women's Day by telling you a little about the woman driving men's style.

Cravat Club Director Business Owner Jennifer Lane International Women's Day
(Jenny in Kyoto, Japan) 

Male-Focused, Female-Led

Established in 2014, Jenny developed Cravat Club to fill a gap in the market - to offer men variety in the way they dress and to encourage them to express themselves through style, fashion and colour. Men's fashion and style has been very limited in the past in comparison to womenswear, where options included polar extremes of t-shirt and jeans or suit and tie, and not much in-between. Even then, colours were limited to greys, blues and blacks for the most part. With the help of luxury silk accessories, menswear had the potential to be both interesting and captivating. Jenny's extensive range of fine silk cravats, ascots, pocket squares, scarves and ties, all handcrafted in England, does just that.

Cravat Club has grown since then, all through the power and determination of one woman, selling to customers in over 70 countries spanning across 6 continents. You'll even find familiar faces such as Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman and the late Professor Stephen Hawking wearing Cravat Club's silk cravats.

 Martin Freeman, Hugh Grant and Professor Stephen Hawking Wearing Cravat Club Silk Cravats

(Clockwise from top left: Martin Freeman, Hugh Grant and Professor Stephen Hawking wearing Cravat Club's silk cravats)

Expression Through Style

Cravat Club's eye-catching designs reflect Jenny's love of experimenting with playful colours and prints. Jenny believes what you wear is a form of self-expression and creativity; why stick to boring colours and patterns when you can flaunt your personality through style? Being a little more adventurous with your outfit, even if it means just changing one thing, can do wonders, and life is short, so tease your boundaries and live a little!

Jenny says, "In my experience, gentlemen, especially in the UK, have always opted for 'safe' colours and articles of clothing. Many haven't given their wardrobe real thought, and have simply conformed to the obvious. I think people can overlook how important dress and style is, and how it can make you feel. It certainly can ignite a conversation, and will get you better noticed on dating apps, in the street or at parties.”

"If you wear distinctive clothing, it will naturally spark interest and curiosity. It also helps to show off your personality. There's no harm in injecting a bit of colour and variety into your day-to-day outfits, and cravats, pocket squares and scarves are the perfect accessories to do this."

Cravat Club business owner Jennifer Lane

Japanese Influenced

You may have noticed a lot of Japanese designs cropping up in Cravat Club's collections, such as our Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Squares, or our upcoming SS22 range featuring Koi Carp, Dragons and Cranes. This is no coincidence - Jenny spent over 5 years living and working in Japan, is now fluent in Japanese, and since moving back to the UK, often returns to Japan to see family and friends.

Japan has been a big part of Jenny's life since she was a child. Her father frequently went on business trips bringing back unique and marvellous Japanese gifts - the love of colour, design, and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into Japanese products has stayed with her ever since.    

Learning the Japanese language and gaining a deeper understanding of the culture have been an integral part of who she is today. It has helped to form her character; a hardworking, meticulous perfectionist with a desire to do well in anything she puts her mind to. We think this is a good enough reason to celebrate International Women's Day, because without her, Cravat Club wouldn't be where it is today.

Cravat Club Female Director Business Owner Jennifer Lane

Impressed? Why not take a look at Cravat Club's range of exciting designs and colours for some style inspiration? 

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  • Terry McAuliffe

    Jenny’s designs are unique in the world of men’s fashion. I’m especially taken with those inspired by Japanese mythology: the dragons and koi carp are so quirky and funny. Jenny is putting the fun back into men’s neckwear.

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