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The Return of the Neckerchief

Cravat Club printed silk cravats

Here at Cravat Club we are huge fans of gentlemen making the extra effort with their outfit. As this weekend’s Financial Times How to Spend It magazine makes abundantly clear, the gentlemen’s silk neckerchief is back. Lending a flair, a rakishness, and dare we say, a drama to a simple outfit, a neckerchief, day cravat or ascot tie is the perfect thing to raise your sartorial game. 

Back? They Never Went Away

While some would say that silk accessories are back, we would say that they have always been at the heart of men’s fashion. We have always been advocates of cravats and pocket squares, and have put our money where our mouth is in our huge range of designs. All made exclusively in England from the finest silk, we have something to elevate any man’s wardrobe. Whether you tend towards traditional designs, or you want something bright and powerful, there is something for you out there. There are no rules about how you can finish your look.

As the article alludes to, the cravat or ascot tie is becoming more popular with the younger customer, wearing sharper and more assertive designs with barely a nod to tradition. Our aim is to lead the charge in that regard, and we constantly refresh our designs and colourways to give the gentleman options. We search the corners of our imagination for new styles, exploring paths untrodden for our inspiration. This restless muse gives you nearly endless ways to style your outfit and to stand out from the crowd. 

Cravat Club Pink Japanese Pattern Woven Silk Cravat Neckerchief

Variety & Options 

We’d like to mention Drake's (as does the article) as excellent designers of traditional staples, with quality manufacturing and a great range. They do fantastic work in making quality silks available to the modern gentleman. At Cravat Club, we focus more exclusively on cravats and handkerchiefs, with a greater array of modern and postmodern designs, so whatever you’re looking for, there is something out there to suit your personal taste and the energy you wish to give off. The more people we have out there exploring silk accessories, the better!

Even a silk tie can help to elevate your outfit, and may be a more accessible way into the style for a lot of people. Or for even more swagger, you could try a silk evening scarf, which can double up as a neckerchief when called upon. There are lots of ways to add little sartorial touches and silk’s fabulous feel against the skin is just the icing on the cake.

Perfect for any Occasion

Whether you’re going to a wedding, a nice cocktail bar, a fancy dinner, or you simply want to give your outfit a bit of special sauce, a silk cravat makes the perfect finishing touch. While these wonderful garments may have once been seen as needless decoration, they are now getting their due, and their beautiful style and individuality are being recognised. A cravat can be the centrepiece of your outfit, or the perfect finishing touch. If you’re looking for something different, or are just tired of a simple shirt and tie, a cravat or neckerchief can be your saviour. 

Cravat Club Mikolas Paisley Printed Silk cravat

Get in on the Ground Floor

Why not browse our range, and see where your inspiration takes you? From traditional paisleys and polka dots, to wild colours and hand-drawn details, there is bound to be something to take your outfit into a new zone. Upgrade your look with a Cravat Club piece, and get on-trend ahead of the crowd.

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