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The Return of Autumn

Cravat Club the Return of Autumn Silk Accessories for men made in England

Between the scorching temperatures and the brutal humidity we’ve been suffering under in the UK, the cooler months can seem a world away. 

While the summer is perfect for relaxation and for lounging on beaches, the heat can make it hard to get anything more constructive done. It can also be hard to wear your more stylish outfits. Now, while we love the summer and would never wish away good weather, part of us also craves for the sweet release of the autumn chill, the showers, the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Autumn possibly offers the greatest range for the sartorial gent, with anything from light jackets to heavy raincoats being appropriate. Be warned though - the cold and rain can change suddenly to bright sunshine, and you can regret that parka pretty quickly! We recommend equipping yourself with layers so that you can adapt you outfit, wearing practical shoes for inclement weather, and if all else fails, keep a close eye on the weather forecast…

Cooler Weather, Muted Colours

Cravat Club the return of Autumn silk day cravats and ascot ties for men

As the weather turns, bright colours, tropical prints and playful touches can start to feel a little out of step. With clouds in the sky and the winds getting up, it’s time to pack up the vibrant shades for another year. Now, that’s not to say that colour can’t play a part - bright colours used as contrasts or as details can look incredible. However, when you’re talking about base colours, it might be wise to stick to more muted, serious shades, only employing colour where it has the maximum effect.

As ever restraint is key - there’s no need to go overboard with the autumnal touches. A mix of tones and a combination of shades is the way to go, giving you maximum versatility and making sure you always have some visible interest, subtle though it may be.

Earth Tones

Cravat Club the Return of Autumn Silk Ascot Ties Accessories for Men

Reds, golds, browns, crimsons - all these simply scream autumn when worn correctly. This is the season to make the most of earth tones, and to really accentuate these details in your wardrobe. While it may seem obvious, a good guide is to think of the natural world; leaves turning, sunsets, forest greens are all extremely appropriate and hugely versatile, whatever your skin tone.

It’s still important to keep an eye on garments matching and clashing, especially if you’re employing a few shades, so the colour wheel remains your friend. In general, it's a good idea to stick to one stronger colour, and pair that with more muted shades to maximise impact, and to keep your outfit looking stylish and harmonious.

Changeable Conditions

Cravat Club the Return of Autumn Silk Ascots for Men

While British summer is never entirely reliable, it’s a fair bet that it’s as good as the weather gets on this rainy island. In Autumn, you can pretty much guarantee that the wind and rain will come back to haunt you, while offering just enough sunny breaks to ensure that it’s difficult to plan your outfit. 

Dressing in layers, so you can be as warm or cool as is necessary, and remembering some sort of protection from the wind and rain, such as a light jacket, will ensure you’re ahead of the game and ready for anything. This is especially true if you’re employing silk accessories, or shoes that aren’t waterproof.

The Return of Your Favourites

Cravat Club the Return of Autumn Silk Cravats and Ascot Ties for Men

Summer clothes are wonderful fun. The light fabrics and the lack of worry about getting cold or rained on is fantastic. However, chances are that you have some more substantial garments that you love deeply, and yet have sat in the wardrobe for months - so long indeed that you may have almost forgotten about them. Heavier fabrics! Stylish coats! Scarves and hats! They can all come back with a vengeance.

Again, we’d like to emphasise that we’re not quite in winter yet - there is still plenty of sunshine to be had, and you won’t need to turn that collar up just yet. However, approach your autumnal style with the right attitude, and you’ll be both stylish and prepared.

Match Your Cravat Perfectly

Cravat Club the Return of Autumn Silk Accessories for Men

Matching accessories to an autumn wardrobe gives us great pleasure - the colour palette and garments give you plenty to work with, and can stand a bit of adventure! Here are a few suggestions from our range, all of which are 100% silk, handmade in England.


DANIELDaniel Grey Brown Geometric Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Copper and brown detailing makes this a classic for the season - a subtle print that works with more formal outfits, lending class and subtlety. 



Aniki Yellow and Burgundy Japanese Pocket Square

A calming Japanese geometric pattern on vibrant yellow, this striking pocket square is the perfect thing to add colour and interest while keeping your outfit harmonious. Try with something simple and muted to really accentuate its effect.


GOROGoro Black gold Japanese dragon silk cravat ascot tie

Autumnal does not mean a lack of colour! Strident shades and bold accents in our Goro cravat complement the dragon pattern perfectly, and give you a statement piece to match more subtle outfits.


TSUBAKITsubaki Japanese Geisha Silk Pocket Square

This multiway pocket square gives you plenty of autumnal shades to play with, leaning heavily on deep reds and coral oranges, along with deep green and gold. Use your imagination and you can wear this with almost any outfit of your choosing; simply turn the cravat to expose a different area, keeping your accessory fresh and interesting.


ROCCORocco blue coral orange polka dot silk cravat for men

A classic polka dot in subtle apricot, laid over a deep and calming blue. Polka dots are possibly the most versatile pattern there is, and the rich shades here would make a spectacular accent with even the simplest of suits.


GEIROLFGeirolf Paisley Silk Cravats for Men

A burnt orange and copper brown paisley that is redolent of autumn leaves. While this works with a lighter jacket in any season, it can take centre stage when worn with a deep brown suit. 



Washi Japanese waves silk pocket square

The subtle caramel cream colour works beautifully with a range of darker shades, offering some contrast without being too flashy. While this could work in any season, we think autumn is its natural home.



CARLITOCarlito Black Pink Paisley Silk Cravat for Men

The delicate peach pink and vibrant magenta accents set off the thunder grey base tone perfectly, and give you plenty of visual interest with a grey overcoat or charcoal suit.


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