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Sustainable Style

Cravat Club is here to help you dress stylishly yet sustainably in 2020 

Here at Cravat Club, we're very mindful of our use of the Earth's precious resources. It's well publicised that the fashion industry is a huge net carbon contributor, and we are keen to do our small part to change that. 


Made in England

Our products are made entirely from natural raw-yarn silk - no synthetic fibres, no plastics. They are also manufactured right here in the UK, so no air miles and a lower carbon footprint. All of our products are carefully considered, designed and handmade in small quantities. We do everything in our power to ensure there is no waste and we NEVER throw away dead stock. Our silk is simply too good to throw away!


Timeless Pieces

We aim to make classic pieces that defy the whims of changing fashion fads. We believe that quality and class simply don't go out of style. Furthermore, we believe in buying a few pieces that you can keep coming back to, that can be used in numerous contexts and that are durable enough to come back to season after season, and even to be handed down. More than 350,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill in the UK every year. That's an incredible amount of waste. The proliferation of cheaply made, disposable fashion is not something we want to play any part in.


Reducing Waste

We also do our best to cut down on packaging waste. We never use plastic or cellophane to wrap our products. Our high quality silks come wrapped in tissue paper presented in luxury sustainable gift boxes from Winter & Company. What's more, we offer 5% OFF if you opt for no gift box (simply enter code: NOBOX at the checkout), thereby reducing packaging and postal materials. 


Healthy Planet

We want all our products to be sustainable and stylish, and we want our high quality silks to be enjoyed on a healthy planet for generations to come.

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