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Staff Picks: Cravats

 As much as we love all of the silk cravats, pocket squares, scarves and ties we produce right here in the UK, we can't help but have a soft spot for particular designs and colours; ones that we really feel are truly special. So we thought we'd finally let you into this little secret and reveal our most personal favourites...



Zephyrus Yellow Blue Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

Our Zephyrus yellow and blue paisley silk cravat is one of our longest-standing classics, with a delicate design set against a striking aureolin yellow background. A pop of colour which is surprisingly versatile - perfectly paired with a tweed jacket.



Haru Japanese Pink Botanical Silk Cravat

Punchy Persian rose pink set against a midnight navy background with our Haru Japanese floral silk cravat. Lively and playful colours with a Japanese botanical garden theme.



Zenjiro Koi Carp Blue White Woven Silk Cravat

Beautiful circling koi carp with our Japanese Zenjiro woven silk cravat in navy and white. A simple colour palette with a delicate design.  



Renzo Red Burgundy Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

Vibrant vermilion meets deep burgundy with our Renzo polka dot silk cravat. This ascot tie is one of our firm favourites with an eye-catching contrast in shade - the perfect pop of colour for any outfit.



Fuhua Blue Orange Brown Chinese Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Our Fuhua displays a distinct Chinese style pattern in virginia blue, copper orange, navy and golden yellow, which provides a pop of colour in a most tasteful manner.



Hvar Orange Pink Paisley Woven Silk Cravat

Our loud and unapologetic Hvar orange paisley cravat is certainly a way to inject a splash of colour to your attire. One of our most personal favourites, worn with the right colours, such as a dark navy or grey suit, we believe almost any man can pull this eye-catching statement piece off.



Astera Grey Pink Green Floral Botanical Printed Silk Cravat

Our Astera printed silk ascot tie is a beautiful and striking floral pattern with hues of bush pink, olive green, grey and lilac. This will certainly lighten up your outfit; perfect for a sunny day.



 Nereus Blue Brown Paisley Woven Silk Cravat

Our Nereus is a classic paisley pattern in navy blue and bistre brown - versatile colours and design which will go with almost anything. 



Flint Grey Pink Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

Soft blush pink polka dots set against a cool slate grey with our Flint men's silk ascot tie is one of our longest running and most popular cravats. Extremely versatile, can be dressed up and down, and a staple for any gentleman's wardrobe.



Cosmo Pink Red Botanical Pattern Silk Ascot Tie

Rose pink, cherry red and sunset orange sets exquisitely against a midnight navy background with our eye-catching Cosmo botanical woven silk cravat. This would pair beautifully with either a navy or light brown linen or wool suit. 



Xiang Blue Pink Chinese Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Japanese denim blue, cerise pink and light caramel marry together marvellously in a beautifully intricate design with our Xiang Chinese pattern silk cravat. This would pair well with a grey or light brown suit.



Randulf Green Navy Paisley Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

The electric apple green in our Randulf cravat really pops against the midnight navy background. In an edgier, more contemporary style paisley pattern, this paisley is one of our most popular cravat styles to date.



Mikkel Blue Floral Botanical Silk Cravat

The cornflower blue stands out nicely against the black background of our Mikkel woven silk cravat. With an attractive repeat creeping botanical pattern, this contemporary design speaks for itself, without having to shout about it.



Ignacio Red Pink Green Botanical Cravat

Bright and fiery hues meet a bold botanical pattern with our Ignacio silk cravat. Shades of spice red, blush pink, electric lemon and moss green all come together nicely to really make any outfit a sure-fire showstopper.  



Ichiro Japanese Floral Print Silk Cravat

Our Ichiro Japanese small cherry blossom floral pattern on a navy blue background is subtle yet interesting, and makes the perfect finishing touches to any outfit.



Malachi Orange Blue Paisley Silk Cravat

Sherbet orange meets navy and light biscuit brown with our Malachi small paisley men's silk day cravat. Paired with a natural or brown linen or cotton suit, this ascot will finish off your attire beautifully.  



Eros Purple Blue Floral Cravat

Our Eros woven silk cravat in a beautifully detailed floral design, set upon a stunning colour combination of lavender, stormy blue and auburn brown, is eye-catching, yet subtle and soft enough to pair with a myriad of outfit combinations.



Finley Red Blue Paisley Silk Ascot Tie Cravat

Our Finley printed silk ascot mixes classic with contemporary with a traditional paisley pattern with contemporary hues of candy apple red, navy and powder blue. A surprisingly versatile cravat which can be dressed up or down.



Nolan Blue Purple Botanical Silk Ascot Tie

Our Nolan botanical silk cravat in dark magenta, turquoise & violet blue is rich and vibrant in colour and will set off any outfit nicely with a pop of colour. 



Shion Green Yellow Japanese Crests Printed Silk Cravat

Our Shion cravat in matcha green and vanilla is a unique yet subtle Japanese traditional pattern, which makes a change from the classic polka dot print, but versatile enough to match with any outfit.



Devendra Yellow Green Teal Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

Our Devendra brings together a multitude of colours - sunglow yellow, smokey teal, burnt orange and sherbet pink, just to name a few, in a beautiful paisley pattern silk ascot. A classic design in slightly more contemporary colours. 


Ramiro Grey Green Pink Paisley Silk Cravat

Our Ramiro grey paisley cravat with subtle hints of green and peach pink, is a beautifully intricate and flowing pattern, perfect for adding the right accent to your ensemble.



Naoto Pink Grey Japanese Crests Printed Silk Cravat

Our Naoto Japanese patterned silk cravat in cotton candy pink and smoke grey is an unobtrusive design in a discernible colour palette. 



Indiana Orange Khaki Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

Our Indiana silk ascot is in a soft coral orange tastefully dotted with khaki green small polka dots. One of our longest-standing designs, which will made an ideal staple (without being mundane) for any gentleman's wardrobe.



Avaro Cream Brown Paisley Woven Silk Cravat

Platinum white beautifully blended with cream and raw umber with our Avaro paisley woven silk ascot tie, which will lighten up any outfit - perfect for those warm and sunny days. 



Romain Purple Paisley Ascot Tie

A rich and elegant paisley pattern in orchid purple, golden sand, navy, green and persimmon orange with our Romain printed silk ascot tie. One of our most popular and long-running designs, this cravat would work perfectly well with a brown linen or wool suit, or even paired with some tweed.  



Montgomery Black Grey Camouflage Woven Silk Cravat

Our Montgomery in black and shades of grey is a contemporary, yet tasteful camouflage pattern which will complete any outfit nicely.



Arndor Green Black Birds of Paradise Tropical Jungle Silk Cravat

Emerald green sets well against the black with our Arndor birds of paradise pattern silk cravat. Something a little different, but easy enough to pull off with most outfits.


Aniki Yellow Oxblood Red Japanese Crests Printed Silk Cravat

A subtle Japanese crest repeat pattern with our mustard yellow and oxblood red Aniki silk cravat would work perfectly well with a light brown or navy linen or wool suit.



Kai Green White Japanese Waves Printed Silk Cravat

The slightly more playful and brighter colours set against the dark green background of our Kai Japanese waves pattern silk ascot makes a refreshing change from either being too dull and sensible, or too loud and gaudy.



Keoki Hawaiian Blue White Floral Silk Cravat

A combination of elegant hues in a playful and fun pattern with our Keoki Hawaiian style floral ascot tie in midnight navy, silver, fern green, and cerulean blue. The perfect silk accessory for either dressing up or down. 

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