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SS23 Colour Trends for Men

SS23 Colour Trends for Men

If you’ve been feeling glum in the bleakness of winter, it’s time to rejoice! The crushing cold and darkness of the tail end of the year is starting to leave us, and the first limpid light of spring is making its way through our windows.This can only mean one thing - the new season is fast approaching! To give you some inspiration for your style, we’d like to highlight some cravats, ties, scarves and ascots that make great use of some signature tones.

With men's fashion leaving behind the serious and sober shades of winter, this season’s palette is bold, indulgent and fun-loving, raising a smile and your spirits. Gender-neutral tones are in - brighter shades and beyond-pastel bright colours are the order of the day, giving a finish both soft and sophisticated. There are plenty of shades to play with in spring and summer this year.

The following designs make particularly good use of the season's colour wheel. Whether block colours, classic designs, or some of our more elaborate signature prints, we have so much to turn winter darkness into spring light.


Powder Blue & Electric Blue

Vanar Blue Silk Cravat

These blue shades, both light and bright, are absolutely front and centre this spring and summer. Moving away from the navy and royal blue of cooler weather, these tones are, appropriately, lighter and more playful.


Maya Core Tone Cravat

Maya Light Blue Silk Cravat for Men

Our simplest and purest expression of the beautiful sky blue tone, this cravat means you always have a spectacular and joyous colour to hand, whether matching a wedding suit or a sports jacket. Classy, unadorned and very versatile.


Bracken Paisley Cravat

Bracken Blue Green Teal Paisley Silk Cravat

Available to preorder and dug out from our archives as a past favourite, the Bracken demonstrates why paisley is such a timeless classic. Based on a teal and navy palette, this blue-green beauty offers you plenty of possibilities for pairing and contrasting. 


Haitao Pink and Blue Cravat

Haitao Japanese geometric pattern printed silk cravat

The calming sky blue is offset by an Oriental geometric pattern in malbec and caramel to stunning effect. Alternately dazzling and delicate, depending on how you style it.


Izumi Wave Pattern Cravat

IZUMI Japanese Waves Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

The Japanese wave pattern has become something of a favourite here at Cravat Club, and this popular design is back in a denim blue, hot pink, pearl and gold iteration. Very modern, but subtle enough to get away with in more formal settings.


Cherry Tomato

Astraeus Cherry Tomato Paisley Silk Cravat

Lighter reds are a big feature this season, with the more orange and pink ends of the spectrum being well represented. This mitigates some of the brightness for a softer, gauzier feel, and makes this part of the colour wheel that bit more versatile.


Genbu Dragon Print Cravat

Genbu Japanese Dragons Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

This powerful print stands out against both light and dark colours, with a striking dragon design in seasonal colours of firebrick red and kombu green. Strident, swaggering and perfectly on-trend.


Firebrick Core Tone Cravat

Firebrick Plain Red Silk Cravat for Men

If you love the firebrick red in our Genbu design, then the Firebrick core tone cravat is a strong stylistic statement. Elegant, reserved but undeniably rakish, this bright shade says “look at me” in a resplendent red.


Tsubaki Large Pocket Square

Tsubaki Red Geisha Japanese Design Silk Pocket Square for Men

This vermillion large pocket square depicts a beautiful Japanese geisha, lost in a reverie as she gazes at a fallen camellia flower. Perhaps she is thinking about how transitory such beauty is? This delightful design offers you a multitude of different ways of wearing, with the palette lending itself perfectly to the changes of the year.


Hidden Curiosities IX Evening Scarf

Hidden Curiosities IX Red Woodland Scene Printed Silk Evening Scarf for Men

A true statement of intent, this silk evening scarf in stunning cranberry red does all the heavy lifting in your outfit. Wear with something simple and well-tailored for a spectacular and flamboyant flourish.


Gentle Lavender

A rather gentle and feminine shade, this looks spectacular when worn with sharp tailoring or masculine accents. Again, it might seem a brave move, but wearing this colour correctly can be subtle and ingenious. 


Luca Polka-dot Cravat

Luca Purple Polka Dot Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

A classic and delicate polka-dot in lilac and violet, the simplicity of this design allows the beautiful shade to shine. One to win over even the sceptic.


Aranami Large Pocket Square

Aranami Japanese Dragon Printed Silk Pocket Square for Men

Inspired by the powerful water dragons of Japanese myth, the Aranami large pocket square features a stunning irezumi tattoo pattern with raging skies, delicate cranes, and the mighty dragon at its centre. The lavender and pink shades featured in this design give you gentle and playful tones, working in contrast to the sheer power depicted.


Aranami Evening Scarf

Aranami Japanese Dragon Design Printed Silk Evening Scarf for Men

If you love the Aranami design, but need more space to show it off, or need extra drama in your outfit, the Aranami silk evening scarf pulls no punches. Specially commissioned and hand-drawn, backed by a beautiful lavender gradient.


Hidden Curiosities II Evening Scarf

Hidden Curiosities II Printed Silk Evening Scarf for Men

If you love the idea of a scarf with this palette, but want a more muted design, this gorgeous silk piece could be perfect. With pale purple flowers in a nocturnal woodland scene, it’s the perfect marriage of delicacy and mystery.


Petrol & Sage

Souta Japanese Koi Carp Silk Cravat for Men

Greens are very prevalent this season, though in gentler and ambivalent tones. Pastels and bluish hues abound here, and give you a soft touch in among the bright and vibrant colours elsewhere.

Kombu Core Tone Cravat

Kombu Plain Green Silk Ascot Tie Cravat for Men

Named for the Japanese sea kelp, this cravat’s beautiful riverine green is a classic earth tone. Giving anchoring to lighter garments or sophistication to a simple dark suit, it’s hugely versatile.


Watson Polka-Dot Cravat

Watson green and white polka dot silk cravat for men

A classic polka-dot in Highland Green and white, and favoured by Hollywood actor Martin Freeman no less, this beautiful ascot goes with almost any outfit. Formal enough for a wedding but simple enough to pair with a more casual jacket. 


Amias Floral Cravat

Amias Green and Brown Floral Silk Cravat for Men

Based on the springlike shade of Almond Green, this floral pattern in gold and burgundy makes for a beautiful finish, and matches perfectly with dark and rich colours. Detailed, yet still light and airy.


Denver Pocket Square

Denver Green and Blue Paisley Silk Pocket Square for Men

A gorgeous electric forest green provides a splash of verdant colour to a tweed waistcoat or simple white shirt. The tasteful sky blue paisley nods at tradition, whilst the shade is perfectly suited to SS23.

There are of course other colours appearing this season, and other ways to wear them. Why not browse through our own SS23 collection, or leaf through our Pre-Orders to find something fresh and new? This season is all about optimism and hope, and we hope you’ll find something to lift your mood in our catalogue.

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