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Spring Styles For Men 2023

Spring Styles for Men 2023

The seasons are changing, and as we gradually transition into spring, you may want something to reflect the new season's palette. It's the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and give yourself something suited to these more comfortable temperatures.

Don't be afraid to try something new; if you're looking to brighten up your attire with some silk accessories, then you've come to the right place! You'll find a kaleidoscope of colours to play with at Cravat Club. From pastel pinks and purples, sherbet oranges and lemons, to more strident greens and blues, along with some earthier browns and more reserved tones of navy, grey and black, we have a wide spectrum of colour to tempt you.

Cravats, ascots, scarves, ties and pocket squares will really make your outfits slot into the season beautifully. All that is required is a little imagination (and perhaps a touch of devil-may-care) to experiment with your usual get-up.
Need a little bit of guidance? Below are some of our personal favourites, perfectly fitting for the spring season...


Hinata CravatHinata Japanese Koi Carp Fish Silk Ascot Tie Cravat

- This spring-like colourway of fresh blue, red and navy perfectly sets the tone for our Hinata Japanese circling koi silk cravat. This was a hit last spring and summer, so we just had to bring it back! Very versatile, and goes beautifully with pretty much any attire.


Zian Pocket SquareZian Spring Green Printed Silk Pocket Square

- Spring green and pale jasmine mixed with blue and orange make up this gorgeous Zian pocket square. Pairing very well with a navy or brown jacket, this square gives you just that touch of spring, without going overboard. 


Tatsuo NecktieTatsuo Brown Peach Japanese Crests Silk Tie for Men

- Embrace pastels modestly with our Tatsuo brown and peach Japanese crests silk tie. This design is understated, yet unique, and can really set off any suit or shirt collar nicely.


Alessio CravatAlessio Blue and Yellow Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

 Glorious seasonal colours with our Alessio blue and yellow polka dot cravat. Versatile and a wardrobe staple, this classic design and colourway is popular for a reason.  


Yufuku Pocket SquareYufuku Japanese Kabuki Style Printed Silk Pocket Square

- Can you tell we're a fan of pastels in spring? This Yufuku Japanese kabuki ukiyo-e print silk pocket square is filled with an abundance of them, and looks even more eye-catching in real life. Perfect for weddings, dates, or even simply general wear when you want to look a little smarter.


Hidden Curiosities V Scarf Hidden Curiosities V Printed Silk Scarf for Men

- Our Hidden Curiosities V silk scarf for men makes a beautiful statement piece, whether the occasion calls for a full suit or a leather jacket. Encompassing all the wonders of spring, this scarf offers a graduated green background filled with a bounty of seasonal flora and fauna.  


Kumo CravatKumo Tiger Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

- We contrast an adventurous tiger design with some more muted tones here in our Kumo silk cravat. The greys and browns will give you scope to pair this with most outfits - we can see this working well against a backdrop of navy blue, or even against a light brown suit. 


Deco Island Dusk Pocket SquareDeco Island Dusk Tropical Toucans Printed Silk Pocket Square

- Sip cocktails on a remote island with this stunning tropical design. Our Deco Island Dusk toucan print, matching Art Deco styling with pink, peach, blue and green, will give your jacket the pop of colour it needs this spring. Perfect to liven up any outfit and provide a bit of flair - try with an open shirt and cocktail jacket to emanate confidence. Great for a cocktail bar, a day at the races, or anywhere you want to dress your snappiest. 


Havardr NecktieHavardr Pink Yellow Paisley Silk Tie for Men

- Soft pink meets pale champagne with a navy sheer on our Havardr paisley silk tie. The soft colours with the classic design would perfectly suit a spring wedding, whether guest or groom, or use simply to complement your blue suit for work. The texture of our woven silk ties are second to none, with stunning iridescent hues which catch the light.


William CravatWilliam Brown Cream Blue Floral Silk Cravat for Men

- This classic colour combo of brown, blue and cream in our William floral silk cravat is a fine option if you don't want to go too bold with bright colours for spring. It really works for the seasonal change, and is a great way to freshen up any outfit. 


Yukari Pocket Square 

Yukari Japanese Geisha Print Silk Pocket Square

- Our Yukari Japanese geisha pocket square certainly evokes a sense of spring, scattered as it is with cherry blossom and camelia flowers. Why not adorn your jacket pocket with this elegant square on your next date as a conversation starter?


Hidden Curiosities VIII ScarfHidden Curiosities VIII Yellow Blue Wolf Printed Silk Scarf for Men

- Embrace the spring season with our yellow, navy and red Hidden Curiosities VIII silk scarf. Our printed silk scarves are very versatile, can be worn inside or outside a jacket, either as a scarf or cravat, or simply draped over a plain shirt to make any outfit look the business. 


- Our Hideo Japanese cranes cravat in white, grey, gold and blue is a striking piece that will freshen up any look. The crane, or "tsuru" (鶴), is perceived to be a mystical creature in Japan. Otherwise known as the "bird of happiness", it is a symbol of good luck, love, fidelity, and long life. 


Aranami Pocket Square

Aranami Irezumi Dragon Design Japanese Silk Pocket Square for Men

- This Irezumi design was specially commissioned for Hidden Curiosities Gin's Aranami Strength Gin. Aranami 荒波 - meaning Raging Waves in Japanese, features a powerful dragon emerging out of the tempestuous waters, surrounded by wildlife and an array of Japanese botanicals featured in this overproof gin.


Kano CravatKano Green Yellow Japanese Waves Printed Silk Ascot Tie

- A plethora of pastel waves on a deep sea green background, our Kano Japanese design silk cravat is not one for the faint-hearted. However, worn in the right context, this piece will do wonders for your attire. The eye-catching pastel hues against the muted green almost makes the colours glow, and will complement both a dark or light jacket or suit wonderfully.


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