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Spring Fresh - Looks for This Season

Cravat Club Spring Fresh Looks for This Season Menswear

Spring is most certainly in the air, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with some lighter and brighter threads. Layering lightweight pieces and introducing colour are key elements when considering your spring attire. Once you've established just a few fresh looks which you can easily pull out of your closet and rotate as needed, you'll be more than ready for the season.

Take a look at some of our fresh looks for spring below - note the way we incorporate colour and design using our silk cravats, scarves and pocket squares, and how you can use these silk accessories to dress up or down.  

Cravat Club Astraeus Silk CravatWearing our ASTRAEUS vermilion paisley silk cravat

- Our silk cravats aren't just for formal or semi-formal occasions; they can easily be worn casually with a patterned or plain relaxed-fit shirt, giving you more colours to play with. Layer with a lightweight cardigan to keep you warm on those cooler spring days. 


Antonio Floral Silk Cravat Ascot TieWearing our ANTONIO floral silk cravat

- Pick colours that complement your suit for a more formal or business-like look. Then, if you like, add a playful element with a more colourful pocket square to make it a talking point. Formal shouldn’t mean boring.


Thomas Blue Green Pink Paisley Silk CravatWearing our THOMAS paisley silk cravat

- Pastels are in for spring, be it in your outfit, accessories, or both. Pastels can be both gentle yet surprisingly masculine, projecting real confidence and style. Why not play around with these soft shades to suit your skin tone?


Nereus Blue Paisley Silk Cravat Ascot tieWearing our NEREUS blue paisley silk cravat

- A failsafe colour combination is combining blues with browns. As a simple white shirt is the basis for many outfits, we recommend having a few of the same which fit you well. Classics don’t go out of style.


Pierre navy white paisley silk cravat and face maskWearing our PIERRE navy and white paisley silk cravat and face mask 

- Spring has connotations of freshness, so pick colours which mean “fresh” to you. We love this crisp white and navy blue paisley PIERRE cravat, which will pair easily with a whole range of outfits and provide a crisp finish.


Rocco Blue Orange Polka Dot Silk Cravat Ascot TieWearing our ROCCO blue & orange polka dot silk cravat

- You can't go wrong with polka dots. Dressed up or down, they make the perfect staple for your wardrobe and are a smart yet fun pattern. Take a look at our wide range of polka dot cravats here. The very definition of versatile.


Aranami Japanese Dragon Silk Scarf For MenWearing our ARANAMI printed silk scarf

- What better way to inject some serious spring colour into your attire than with our ARANAMI Japanese silk scarf? This brightly coloured and intricately detailed silk evening scarf for men will assuredly transform any outfit and make your spring style sing.


Takao Japanese silk cravatWearing our TAKAO Japanese crests pattern silk cravat

- A simple grey suit can be completely transformed if you accessorise with a well-paired cravat and pocket square. Try warmer, earthier tones to make your outfit stand out, and watch the colour matching to keep it all cohesive. 


Havardr Pink Cream Paisley Silk Tie NecktieWearing our HAVARDR pink and cream paisley silk tie

- Greys and blues can leave one feeling rather cold and serious. Adding soft pastel accents such as pink can lift a business or formal look, is very seasonal, and really brings the outfit together.


Zephyrus Yellow Paisley Silk CravatWearing our ZEPHYRUS yellow paisley silk cravat

- A cravat doesn't always require a shirt. Go casual and wear it like a Tootal scarf with a plain white or coloured t-shirt. Pair it with some jeans or tartan trousers and you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons.


The Huntsman VI Blue Silk Scarf for MenWearing the HUNTSMAN VI bear and fish scene printed silk evening scarf 

- Our printed silk evening scarves can even be paired with our cravats to really make you feel like the business. A word of caution though - be selective with which cravat and scarf you wear together, as you don't want to introduce too many colours or clashing patterns. Our model wears the HUNTSMAN VI silk scarf with our TAKI dragon print silk cravat.


Dionysus blue paisley silk cravatWearing our DIONYSUS blue paisley silk cravat 

- Greens and browns are a perfect match, are very flattering and mature colours, and are ideal for both spring and autumn seasons. They give you scope to introduce playful patterns without being too much of a peacock, or making your outfit garish.


Holt pink paisley silk cravatWearing our HOLT pink and blue paisley silk cravat

- Keep it cool and airy this spring with lighter hues, and lift a heavier toned outift. Our model sports a light brown lightweight suit with our iridescent blue and pink paisley HOLT woven silk cravat. 


Shion green Japanese silk cravatWearing our SHION green Japanese crests silk cravat

- Earth green is a talked about colour for SS22, and our SHION matcha green Japanese crest silk cravat fits the bill wonderfully. Dress it up or down, wear it casually, or do so as rakishly as our effortlessly cool model here... well, we can but try.   


Deco island sunrise silk pocket squareWearing our DECO ISLAND SUNRISE silk pocket square 

- Spring always calls for the introduction of brighter colours, and our DECO ISLAND SUNRISE silk pocket square in yellow and orange is a great way to fit in with the season, taking you right into summer. Hint at the sunshine ahead and enjoy introducing a bit of colour.


Boreas Green Purple paisley silk cravatWearing our BOREAS purple and green paisley silk cravat

- Our BOREAS paisley printed silk cravat is another example that’s perfect for your spring wardrobe. In spring green paired with violet purple, it's a great colour combination that will set off any suit or shirt, be they matching or contrasting.


Fujin Brown Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot TieWearing our FUJIN leopard print silk cravat

- Try melding pastels with earth hues - they work beautifully together, are very eye-catching, flattering for most skin tones, and look modern and stylish.


Lionheart blue orange paisley silk tie necktieWearing our LIONHEART blue and burnt orange silk tie

- Our woven silk neckties are perfect for spring. Made of grade A1 mulberry silk, the iridescent hues really shine in the sun and make your outfit look more luxurious and special.


Wearing our EARL blue and orange geometric silk cravatWearing our EARL orange and blue geometric silk cravat

- Punchy greens, oranges and blues are ideal for this season, and really lift a muted outfit. Ideal for a spring wedding, an al fresco lunch date, or if you simply want to be the best dressed gentleman in the office.


Kano Japanese Waves Printed Silk CravatWearing our KANO green and pink Japanese waves silk cravat

- Our KANO Japanese waves printed silk cravat is possibly a little daring, but when worn in the right context and with confidence, it will really make your style look courageous. The glowing pastel colours are the epitome of spring and will certainly attract some compliments from friends and strangers alike.


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