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Screen Me Up, Spotty

Felix Black White Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Some classics never go out of fashion. While fashions come and go, some items will always make an outfit sizzle. Whilst we are fascinated by pushing the envelope of silk design, we also offer some classic essentials that defy the vagaries of fashion.

With this in mind, we are now accepting new pre-orders for some of our classic screen-printed polka dot designs. Crafted from the finest 36oz silk and 100% handmade here in England, this high quality staple is made to go with any outfit you can dream up. In a variety of shades, and all printed by hand, you’re sure to find the perfect use for them.

A Versatile Staple

The polka dot cravat is a classic for a reason. Designed to give you flexible choices with your outfit, a polka dot ascot tie is as at home with a checked shirt as it is with a dinner jacket, with motorbike leathers as it is with a waistcoat. So many Cravat Club designs focus on modernity, on giving you a new twist on the cravat. With our screen-printed polka dots however, we are paying homage to a true classic. These are cravats that you can wear anywhere, that will never go out of style. Whether you’re heading to a wedding, a casual cocktail or another long day at work, a polka-dot cravat fits any occasion in style. 

Polka Dot Cravat Ascot Tie

The Challenge of Simplicity

Often the items with the simplest finish need the most precision to make. While the polka dot is a classic and crisp design, a lot of highly skilled work goes into the printing of these cravats. Each piece of fabric has to be screen-printed by hand, as that is the only way to get the weight of ink we desire for the correct finish. This “handmade” approach is no affectation; we believe it’s the only way to get the cravats looking right. 

Like a good kitchen knife or a quality acoustic guitar, these cravats have no margin for error, and every gesture counts in their design and manufacture. With a classic design, perfectly executed, you get a piece you can wear again and again, in many different contexts.

Silvano Brown Mint Green Polka Dot Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Man vs Machine

For many of our designs, digital silk printing is the perfect method to get the job done. For intricate designs with a larger colour palette, precise digital printing is the best way. However some things are better done by hand - the single press of the screen printer is absolutely the best way to go about printing polka dots, in our opinion. The (slightly) higher price of these cravats is indicative of the craftsmanship involved, and of the labour-intensive process of making them. The digital future only takes us so far.

Our guide to How Silk is Printed gives you more details of the processes involved in printing our high quality cravats, ties, scarves and pocket squares. We cut no corners and we only use the methods that give us the perfect final result. 

Silk Screen Printing Polka Dot Silk Cravats Ascots Ties Pocket Squares

Timeless Quality

The precise workmanship and classic design make our polka-dot cravats a stylish wardrobe staple. The high-quality fabric and hand screen printed design make for a range of durable classics; pieces that can be worn anytime you need a little pizazz in your outfit. Having a few of these in your collection means you have a basis for an entire wardrobe; classy enough to suit a formal occasion, but comfortable and versatile enough to dress down. 

Our most popular screen printed cravats are arriving back in stock and are ready to pre-order now! If you’d like some wearable English craftsmanship, you’re sure to find something to suit your style here.

Dustin Burgundy Red Mint Green Polka Dot Silk Cravats Ascot Ties

How You Style It

Any stylish individual knows that a classic is a classic for a reason. The clean finish, dignified bearing and playful wit of a polka dot cravat works with almost any outfit. Between a formal occasion, a retro-inspired look and a night on the town, our customers demonstrate just some of the many ways to wear your screen printed cravat. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Alessio Blue Yellow Printed Polka Dot Silk Ascot Tie CravatIndiana Orange Brown Khaki Polka Dots Printed Silk CravatFelix Black White Polka Dots Printed Silk Cravats Ascot TiesRenzo red burgundy polka dot printed silk cravat ascot tieDustin burgundy red polka dot printed silk cravatIndiana Orange Khaki Brown Polka Dot Spots Silk Cravat
Actor Martin Freeman with our WATSON cravat (below)
Martin Freeman Watson Cravat

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