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Re-Vamp Your Wardrobe - Dress to Chill This Halloween

Cravat Club Spooky Season Silk Accessories for Men

As we creep our way into October, a month of falling leaves, dwindling daylight and warming spices, you may hear a bump in the night, or a creak in the floorboards. Something wicked this way comes, and it's certain to be spooky! As Halloween approaches, it's high time your wardrobe underwent a chilling transformation.

This witching season, don't merely dip your toe into the eerie waters – dive headfirst into the abyss of style with our horrifyingly suave collection. Imagine draping yourself in garments that showcase spooky skulls, gothic colour palettes and ethereal autumnal shades that mirror the environment outside your window.

Halloween Styles Cravat Club for Men

But we're not just going to leave you to fend for yourself in this haunted fashion journey. Oh no! We've taken it upon ourselves to handpick a selection of seasonal treasures, with a touch of the macabre, that will have you oozing with style this Halloween season. Dive into the world of silk cravats, ascots, ties, pocket squares and scarves, all carefully curated for the discerning gentlemen. 

So, find yourself a cosy nook, brew up something to warm your bones and let your fashion transformation begin. As you peruse the spine-tingling treasures in our collection with bated breath, remember - nothing sends the demons running better than a well-chosen outfit! This Halloween, embody this spookiest of seasons...

Seth Silk Tie

Seth Skulls Silk Tie for MenNightfall Navy with Sherbet Orange Skulls


Parma Violet Silk Cravat

Parma Violet Purple Silk Cravat for MenLavender Purple Silk Cravat


Hidden Curiosities II Silk Scarf

Hidden Curiosities II Black Purple Printed Silk Scarf for MenPitch Black with Nightshade Purple, Dusk Blue & Sunset Orange Wolf & Dodo Woodland Scene


Eikki Silk Cravat 

Eikki Orange Paisley Silk Cravat for MenPastel Orange with Navy, Naples Yellow, White & Cornflower Blue Paisley Pattern 


Kikuchiyo Silk Pocket Square


Kikuchiyo Green Japanese Samurai Pocket Square for MenAlmond Green with Stormy Blue, Navy, White, Flax, Cinnamon Brown, Lilac, Lavender, Cloud & Forest Green Samurai Japanese Ukiyo-e Print


Haku Silk Cravat

Haku Green Purple Japanese Waves Silk Cravat for MenBronze Green with Pearl, Lilac, Frosted Pink, Dusk & Violet Japanese Waves


Victor Silk Tie

Victor Black White Skulls Silk Tie for Men HalloweenRaven Black with Silver Grey Skulls


Enlai Silk Cravat

Enlai Grey Purple Silk Cravat for Men HalloweenCharcoal with Antique Silver, Warm Vanilla, Regal Purple & Cobalt Blue Oriental Style Pattern


Denver Silk Pocket Square

Denver Green Silk Pocket SquareElectric Forest Green with Cerise, White, Midnight & Sky Blue Paisley Pattern


 Taki Silk Cravat

Taki Red Dragons Silk Cravat for Men HalloweenFire Red with Cerulean Blue, Spiced Orange, Dark Grey, Sand & Beige Japanese Dragon Print


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