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Radiate Confidence with Cravat Club's SS22 Collection

Hooray! Forgive our excitement, but our long-awaited Spring & Summer 2022 Collection is here! Throw off the dark shades of winter, feel the sun on your skin and radiate confidence with Cravat Club’s SS22 printed silk cravats.


Gilford Blue Orange Botanical Silk CravatModel wears our Gilford botanical printed silk cravat. 


This year’s Spring & Summer collection plays with colour like never before. With brand new designs in striking new colourways, these ascot ties give you the chance to really demonstrate your sense of style. This fresh and effervescent new palette offers you playful sorbet pinks and purples, glowing oranges, yellows and reds, earthy greens and browns along with frosty greys and blues. The collection gives you a huge choice of playful, elegant options to brighten up a dark suit, or complement a light jacket.


Kiyoshi Japanese Koi Carp printed silk cravat Model wears our Kiyoshi Japanese koi carp printed silk cravat. 


With the idea of dopamine dressing foremost in our minds, this collection is designed to make you feel good. Wear your clothes with confidence and ease, make them look like they belong to you, and you will naturally look and feel good. These bright and strident shades are meant to bring out your inner confidence, lifting your mood and that of everyone around you. This is no exaggeration either - just think of how much peace of mind a sense of confidence can bring, and how much light you can bring into a room with the right presence.


Cravat Club SS22 Collection Printed Silk CravatsMake your outfits pop with these striking designs and eye-catching hues.


We have taken inspiration from Japanese prints and patterns, to give our Spring & Summer collection an understated elegance. Featuring majestic cranes, powerful dragons and calming koi carp, the symbolism of good luck, prosperity and wisdom matches the spring palette of the colourways perfectly, giving any outfit a deftness of touch. The soft printed silk feels smooth and delicate against your skin and is featherweight and breathable, keeping you cool in warmer weather. Express a different side of your masculinity with our playful spring and summer ascot ties.


SS22 Collection Cravat Club


Take a look at some of our personal favourites below...  


Storm CravatStorm Cravat Blue Red Leopard PrintStorm blue red leopard print silk cravatFresh Blue with Spice Red & Navy Leopard Print Printed Silk Cravat. 

- "A playful and witty take on a classic leopard print."  


Mizuchi CravatMizuchi Japanese Dragons Pattern Silk Cravat Ascot TieMizuchi blue Japanese Dragon pattern Silk CravatMizu Blue with Claret Red, Ecru, Forest & Matcha Green Japanese Dragon Print

- "The Japanese dragon is said to bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and wisdom."  


Kenji CravatKenji Red Orange Koi Carp Silk Ascot Tie CravatKenji Red Orange Koi Carp Silk CravatCardinal Red, Sorbet Orange, Café au Lait, Sunglow Yellow & White Koi Carp Ukiyo-e Print Silk Cravat

 - "Koi are highly auspicious animals, representing perseverance and accomplishment."  


Hinata CravatHinata Koi Carp Silk CravatHinata Red Blue Circling Fish CravatBlue-Grey with Cardinal Red, Thunder & White Japanese Circling Koi Fish Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

 - "Cooling colours and the symbolism of love and romance."  


 Daniel CravatDaniel Geometric Pattern Printed Silk Cravat Ascot TieDaniel Brown Small Geometric Pattern Silk CravatThunder Grey with Copper, Fawn Brown & White Small Geometric Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

  - "A versatile classic in beautiful muted earth tones." 


Indivar CravatIndivar Pastel blue pink botanical pattern silk cravatIndivar Pastel Blue Pink and Black Silk CravatPowder Blue with Black, Pastel Pink, Eggshell & Lemon Cream Botanical Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

  - "A striking combination of delicate pastels over black, designed to give beautiful detail to a muted outfit." 


 Kouki CravatKouki Black Yuzu Lemon Japanese Birds Tsuru cranes silk cravatKouki Black Yuzu Lemon Japanese Birds Tsuru cranes silk cravatBlack with Yuzu Lemon, Sakura Pink, Moss Green & Moody Grey Japanese Cranes & Mountains Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

   - "Vibrant greens and bright accents give a striking finish in this classy ascot tie." 


 Ewen CravatEwen Green Yellow Paisley Pattern silk cravatEwen Dark Green Yellow Paisley Printed Silk Cravat Ascot TieMuddy Green with Cloud Grey & Warm Sand Small Paisley Design Printed Silk Cravat

  - "A classic for a reason, this paisley in Spring shades is versatile and elegant, pairing with almost any outfit." 


 Fai CravatFai Green Orange Chinese Oriental Pattern silk Ascot Tie CravatFai Green Orange Chinese Oriental Pattern Silk Cravat Ascot TieKhaki Green with Japanese Denim, Hinoki Wood, White & Fawn Oriental Style Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

   - "The classic print and subtle colour belies the dramatic effect when worn around the neck." 


Hiroto CravatHiroto Japanese Cranes in flight grey and pink silk cravat ascot tieHiroto Grey Pink Japanese Cranes Birds in Flight Silk Cravat Ascot TieCloud Grey with Pure White, Thunder Grey, Pearl, Blush & Orchid Pink Japanese Cranes in Flight Ukiyo-e Print Silk Cravat

   - "Majestic creatures in delicate pastels give you a cravat with a subtle swagger." 


Souta CravatSouta Green Grey Brown Japanese Koi Carp CravatSouta green grey brown japanese koi carp silk cravatPistachio, Niagra Blue, Khaki Green, Bronze & Beige Koi Carp Ukiyo-e Print Silk Cravat 

   - "An aquatic palette and a serene print give you some serious flair when worn with light colours." 


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