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New Styles for Autumn

The long, warm days of summer may finally be behind us, but there is still reason to rejoice. The cooler weather brings with it a new palette for your wardrobe - browns, purples, rust reds, oranges, ivory and navy blue - giving you an array of fresh colours to play with. 

Our Autumn & Winter silk cravat collection is designed to play perfectly with these autumnal earth tones. If you favour a tan jacket or a long, dark trench coat, these colours and patterns will look spectacular, working as either a contrast or as a complement. This season gives you plenty of options when choosing your outfit, and this is reflected in our new collections.

Autumnal Shades

Autumn Winter 2022 Collection Cravat Club Silk Ascot Ties for Men

Burnt Orange, Earth Green, Deep Burgundy, Candy Pink - all these shades are designed to set off an autumnal outfit perfectly, and all are present and correct in our AW22 collection. Work with the palette nature gives you, or explore contrasts with wit and playfulness. 

New iterations of some of our favourite prints mean that you have fresh and exciting new directions to take your wardrobe in. Muted colours go hand in hand with playful pastels and deep base pigments, meaning that whatever you’re planning, you can pull off spectacularly with one of our luxury silk ascots.

Bold Prints

Cravat Club Autumn Winter 2022 Collection BAHMAN Ancient Egyptian Silk Cravat

Cravat Club’s love of bold prints continues, with Japanese dragons, Mongolian hunting patterns and Ancient Egyptian motifs all looming large in the new collection. We’re great believers in men having the opportunity to express themselves with their outfits, and our playful and beautiful prints let you do just that.

Of course, our classic paisley and floral prints also get a fresh new approach for this Autumn-Winter, so if your tastes veer towards the traditional, we have the best possible finish for your event, wedding or workday. All of our prints are designed to pair beautifully with your outfit, so each one can be worn in many different contexts.

Maxon Blue Red Paisley Pattern Printed Silk Cravat for Men

Core Tones

Cravat Club Core Tones Plain Coloured Silk Cravats Ascot Ties for Men

Along with our new range of printed silks for this season, it’s our pleasure to introduce our new Core Tones range. These solid-coloured cravats, made from the highest quality silk, are the perfect thing to complement a busier outfit, or to provide a classy feature colour for the rest of your attire. Long-awaited and often requested here at Cravat Club, we’re hugely proud to get our Core Tones range out into the world.

With every cravat hand-dyed for the perfect finish, these deep and rich accessories can work well with almost any ensemble, picking out base colours of patterns or complementing your skin tone effortlessly. Whether you’re new to the art of cravat-wearing, or need something bold and striking to work with your existing collection, this range offers something classy to really make your outfits sing. Shop here to find the perfect Core Tone for you.

New Matches

Genbu Japanese Dragons Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men

Our newest ranges are designed to give you new choices for your outfits, and new ways to incorporate cravats into your personal aesthetic. While a cravat is perfect for a wedding or a formal dinner, it’s also stunning workwear, or a stylish finish for a first date. We set out to give you a cravat for every occasion, each one designed to express style and taste to all that see you. Browse our Autumn/Winter range, and let us help you demonstrate some adventure.

Altan Brown Red Purple Mongolian Hunting Scene Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

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