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Spring '22 Colour Palette

The End of Winter

Yamato Japanese Waves Printed Silk Cravat Spring Style Fashion

If you look out of your window, it seems that the icy fingertips of winter might just be starting to loosen their grip. The thermometer is gradually rising and the weather is getting better. Now we say this with a certain degree of caution, but it may be time to give your wardrobe a refresh. Gentler weather ahead means you can put aside the muted winter palette and put some colour back into your life. From reds to yellows, greens to strident patterns, it’s the return of joy to your wardrobe.

Here are some of our favourite shades from our collection, that we think will brighten even the most formal outfit - 


Kano Japanese pastel green pink purple waves design cravat ascot tie

Just like the landscape around you, dark and gloomy winter colours gradually grow into gentle and optimistic pastel shades. You can afford to be brave with pastels - they are far more versatile and far easier to blend into your outfit than brighter colours. A soft pastel can look very smart or very playful, depending on how you style it, and works beautifully with an elegant suit or a tweed jacket. In short, you should have some in your wardrobe, and using these colours to accessorise something darker works beautifully. 

The Isamu cravat puts a gentle floral pattern onto a stark dark background for contrast, whilst our Emiliano cravat softens the background too for a striking effect. Our Holt cravat is redolent with pinks, purples and blues, and our Taio cravat frames a classic pattern in gentle pastel tones. Be bold with these, and let your thoughtful side shine this spring.



Genderless Red 

Cravat Club Paisley Silk Cravat and Face Mask Genderless Red SS22 Mens Fashion

Though we almost called this “pink”, that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. This is a gentle, pinkish shade of red, a little more muted than a cardinal or poppy red. A gentle flesh tone that has just a hint of femininity about it. If you’d like to show a little sensitivity and fluidity in how you dress, these tones are perfect. Put this colour to work in a glorious pastel paisley with our Joshua cravat, or in a classic two-tone polka dot with our hand screen-printed Renzo cravat. Our Vittorio woven silk tie gives you a classic look in a fun-loving shade, and our Hidden Curiosities VI evening scarf is an intricate wolf and dodo woodland design featuring shades of red and grey on a copper rose background. Versatile as well as a statement piece.

Joshua Paisley Genderless Red Silk Cravat Ascot TieRenzo Red Burgundy Polka Dot Silk CravatVittorio Red Woven Silk Tie For MenHidden Curiosities VI Genderless Red Dusky Pink Silk Scarf

Luminous Orange

Eikki Luminous Orange Paisley Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Fun, playful and welcoming. This shade will give your outfit a little bit of sunshine, and give you the opportunity to have fun with your accessories. When used judiciously, it can be incredibly stylish too. Our luminous orange and navy paisley Eikki cravat adds a pop of colour to any outfit, now available to buy on pre-order. Our Deco Island Sunrise pocket square is a riot of colour, hand drawn by London artist Christopher Bardo. This piece is bound to be a talking point, and the strident design contrasts with the warm and inviting colour palette beautifully. For a slightly less strident pocket square, our Haidar is a classic accompaniment to a good jacket, and our Alexander woven silk cravat uses oranges and browns in a striking geometric pattern. There are many ways to play with this colour, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Eikki Luminous Orange Paisley Silk Cravat Ascot TieDeco Island Sunrise Yellow Luminous Orange Silk pocket square
Haidar luminous orange navy blue printed silk pocket squareAlexander Silk Cravat luminous orange

Spring Green

Boreas Spring Green Paisley Silk Cravat for Men

A spring-like colour if there ever was one, this effervescent natural shade is suggestive of new growth and pleasant temperatures. Not quite pastel and not quite earth-tone, this is the perfect thing to freshen your accessories. Try the paisley on our light and airy Javier cravat and let in the spring air, or maybe try an elegant and understated polka dot on a Morgan printed silk necktie. If oceanic greens really are your thing, you might want to have a look at our Kano cravat, now available to pre-order with its beautiful Japanese wave pattern. This shade is a real “spring in an instant”, and gives any outfit a lightness and a nod toward forest greens, without any of their overbearing darkness. Our Hidden Curiosities V men's silk scarf is another suitable option which encompasses all things spring with a beautiful graduated green background, and featuring all the flora and fauna of spring. 

Javier green paisley silk cravat ascot tieMorgan green silk tie necktie for menKano Green Waves Japanese printed silk cravatHidden Curiosities V earth green spring green silk scarf

Tutti Frutti

Tutti frutti multicoloured aranami strength silk scarf

The kaleidoscope is back! Psychedelic colours, swirls, patterns and paisleys look perfect when paired with more sober outfits, really lending a sense of fun and interest. They also give plenty of scope for the wearer to express themselves. For a designer, it really allows the imagination to take flight too. To demonstrate this, our fantastic Goutan pocket square, with an exclusive Kabuki design by Japanese artist Yusuke Aoki, is a fiesta of colour and shape, and will lend an exquisitely flamboyant finish to even a plain blazer. Our Ryujin cravat features a bright eastern dragon to further brighten up your palette, while our Florus and Cresento cravats give you bright floral patterns to enhance even the stuffiest of occasions. Brighten up and walk tall!

Goutan multicoloured japanese kabuki pocket squareRyujin dragon silk cravat ascot tie
Florus purple silk floral cravatcresento red yellow floral silk cravat

Deep Grey

Anderson deep grey silk cravat ascot tie

Deep, serious and calming. If you want to give off an icy cool or an understated elegance, a grey tie or cravat can look incredibly chic when worn correctly. Wear this one with brighter colours, or use it as a final touch to a more formal outfit. Our Drake pocket square is the perfect example of the cool, considered refinement you’ll be projecting when you use this colour correctly. If paisley is your thing but you want to keep the colours muted, our Pierre cravat might strike the right tone, or maybe have a look at our Victor cravat if you have a gothic side eager to get out, now available on pre-order. For the ultimate statement of intent, a Deco Island Nightfall scarf sets bright colours against a deep slate grey for a dramatic effect. Elegance needn’t be so monotone.


Buttery Yellow

Bastien paisley silk cravat

A serene, glowing and even monastic shade of yellow, this colour can be used as an accent for all kinds of situations. Our Aniki pocket square shows off a golden hue beautifully with its subtle repeating pattern, and works perfectly as a bright accent among muted pastels. As subtle or as strident as you want it to be. Our Morris pocket square is a classic floral print with beautiful yellow accents, and our Bryn necktie gives you a paisley in beautiful meadow colours. Finally, our Aciano cravat incorporates soft blue with butter, which meld together wonderfully, perfect for this time of year as the weather starts to improve. While yellow can be a challenge for some skin tones, some clever contrast can work wonders and allow you to wear whatever you please.


Spring colours are about easing into the sunshine - not as bright and fun-loving as summer, but optimistic and gentle. Introduce some of these beautiful shades into your outfits this season, and you can demonstrate your attention to detail and even improve your mood. So out with the cold weather shades and the grey skies - let spring be your guide to a new, lighter look. 

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