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Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square

Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square Men's Style Blog

In the world of men's fashion, where nuance distinguishes stylish from mundane, the simple pocket square can be your secret weapon. Capable of transforming the ordinary into something more refined, there is a skill to wearing one successfully. But what if we told you it was an easy art to master?

Japanese Samurai Silk Pocket Square

Pocket squares are your outfit’s accomplice, as versatile as they are effortless to wear. Introduce a burst of colour, a dash of pattern, or a whisper of texture to your attire with ease, without committing to the statement of a cravat, or the rigidity of a tie. Whether seated in the pocket of a suit or nonchalantly placed into a jacket, it’s both masculine and refined. Show off your meticulous attention to detail and give your style an easy makeover.

The Art of Mastering the Pocket Square

With our deep love of gentlemen’s accessories, each Cravat Club pocket square boasts unique patterns and colourways, giving you plenty of options to play with, whether you’re impeccably matching a tweed jacket or exploding in colour over a jet-black suit. Make a statement or choose restraint - your options are limitless. Whether you're poised at a wedding, immersed in a business tête-à-tête or simply want to look good at dinner, the addition of a silk pocket square effortlessly propels your overall look to new heights.

Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square

While the pocket square is the quintessential suit companion, it’s infinitely more versatile than this. Use your sartorial imagination and you can uncover ways to seamlessly integrate our silk pocket squares into casual outfits, blazers and even outerwear. The secret lies in how you wear it - get something that matches your overall aesthetic and it’ll be your best friend. The best part is that this is easier to do with a pocket square than almost any other accessory.

Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square

Pairing a silk pocket square with a cravat or tie can create a striking ensemble, but don’t underestimate simplicity. Opting for a standalone silk handkerchief exudes effortlessness, allowing the detailing to take the spotlight. Small but fierce, a pocket square can influence everything around it in wonderful ways. 

Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square
Pocket squares are the easiest thing in the world to wear - simply fold and go - but there are, as ever, intricacies to delve into. A favourite approach of ours is the Sprezzatura method—an artful nonchalance and insouciance (“I-do-not-care”) that screams style. Try the puff fold -  drape the pocket square over your flat palm, delicately lift it from the centre with your opposing hand, give the top part a subtle twist then nonchalantly tuck it into your pocket, adjusting it to your taste. Should the hand-rolled edges of the handkerchief peek out, consider it a bonus.
Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square
Contrast is key - tame a brighter outfit with something more muted, add a splash of flair to something dark and restrained, or ground a light jacket with a darker colour. Our advice? Steer clear of the perfectly matched cravat or tie with your pocket square. Consider them together, sure - but a twin set might not achieve the sophisticated look you’re going for. 
All of our silk pocket squares have hand-rolled edges. This is a labour-intensive process yielding a superior finish. Not only giving an extra touch of luxury, the fluidity of hand-sewn stitches allows for more graceful draping and folding compared to their rigid machine-stitched counterparts. Showing off the edging of your pocket square will make those in-the-know green with envy at the craftsmanship. As ever, all of our silk accessories are made in England, and our pocket squares are no exception. 
Mastering the Art of the Pocket Square

Experiment with various folds for different occasions and get the best out of your chosen square. While the presidential and aforementioned puff folds serve as essential techniques for novices, countless other ways exist to show off different elements or aesthetics. Be bold, unleash your creativity, and showcase your wit and imagination without fear.
Make a style statement with our expansive range of silk pocket squares. They’re the perfect way to command attention without demanding it. Embrace elegance and let your handkerchief be the final brushstroke that completes your look. 

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