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Love in Lockdown - Valentine's 2021

Whether it'll be Date Night at the dining table, Movie Night in with Netflix, or a Virtual Valentine's via Zoom, there's no excuse not to dress to impress this year on Valentine's Day... 
Cravat Club Customer Sam Battle Manchester Valentine's Day
Customer Sam from Manchester wearing our woven silk cravat and Japanese geisha pocket square.
Valentine's 2021... we’re not exactly filled with hope or anticipation for grand gestures or thrilling romantic dates this year. But that doesn't mean you have to write it off entirely! Whether you're fortunate enough to be locking down together, or regretfully locking down apart, we have a few suggestions for what you could do as a couple this year.

One thing's for certain, if you make that extra effort and ensure you dress up for each other, it will make the day special in itself, even if you're restricted simply to the confinements of your own home. You might even be able to stretch to a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood to show off your attire.


Cravat Club customer Andy California Silk Cravat Valentine's Day

Customer Andy in California wearing our TIGRE printed silk cravat.


Struggling for Valentine's Day ideas? Whether it'll be an in-the-flesh or virtual date, why not take a look at our suggestions below...


Locking Down Together 

Restaurant Meal Kit Valentine's Day

  • Online Masterclass - whether it's a gin tasting, cocktail shaking or chocolate making session, an online masterclass would definitely make Valentine's Day a bit more interesting than sitting on the sofa binge watching a Netflix drama together. Whether it would involve a competitive element or requiring teamwork, you're sure to have fun together and it would shake up the Groundhog Day dynamics between you both.
  • Restaurant Meal Kit - Instead of reaching for the takeaway menu, why not order a Cook-at-home meal kit from your Valentine's Date's favourite restaurant? Or even from the restaurant where you first met? Lots of restaurants are now offering this service, and you can enjoy the quality of a luxury meal in your own home, plus it would be a romantic gesture to cook for your loved one, or even a fun activity to cook together.
  • Recreating Your First Date - Ok, so it may be impossible to recreate certain elements such as being in the restaurant or bar you met, but for starters, why not wear the same outfit as you did on your first date - it must've made an impression as your date clearly decided to stick with you. Maybe include the food or drinks that you ordered that evening, or something similar at least. You don't need to re-enact it precisely, but you could reminisce over how the date went, the funny or embarrassing things that were said or occurred that evening, what made you fall for each other etc. It's a nice way to reignite the spark a little and to also remind each other what you have and how lucky you are to have met.
  • Country Walk and a Sunday Roast - Very simple, but what's not to like? Being rewarded with a beautifully cooked Sunday roast in the warm after a leisurely local walk in the fresh winter air. Cook together and enjoy your time chatting in the kitchen over a glass of wine. 


Locking Down Apart

Hidden Curiosities Gin Cocktails Valentine's Day

  • Virtual Cook-a-long - Whether it's searching for a recipe which suits both of your culinary abilities, or buying a Restaurant Meal Kit from your favourite restaurant, why not try cooking something together? Dress up for your date, set up a FaceTime in the kitchen and cook the same meal together. Even remotely, this can be an enjoyable and satisfying activity you can do together, with a reward at the end, which is a huge switch up from cooking alone again. 
  • Virtual Movie Night - Either pick your favourite movie that you enjoy watching as a couple, a movie you first saw together at the cinema, or perhaps a movie you both haven't seen yet which is on your watch list. Start the movie at the same time and WhatsApp each other with commentary and/or quotes you enjoyed from the movie, whether the film selection was a good or bad one. Then perhaps call or FaceTime each other afterwards to talk about the movie over a drink.
  • Virtual Cocktail Night - This may take a little bit of advanced preparation but it could be a very fun night indeed. Learn a few cocktail recipes (perhaps Valentine's themed ones - we recommend an Aviation, Clover Club or a floral Negroni), send the ingredients to your date (decanter into smaller bottles if needed, or look for a Cocktail Making Kit with ingredients online), and shake up these cocktails together over FaceTime. Or, if you want to take the hassle out of making cocktails and simply want to drink them while you chat to each other, you can buy pre-mixed cocktails which can be delivered straight to your door. We recommend trying Hidden Curiosities Gin's Curious Cocktail range. Shop here.
  • Whisky/Gin/Chocolate Tasting - Another one to prepare in advance. Order a "Drinks by the Dram" style whisky, gin (or chocolate) sample set, then arm yourself with a pen and paper to write tasting notes and thoughts. Set up a FaceTime or Zoom date with your loved one, make sure you're dressed well for your date, and enjoy your own private tasting session, like all connoisseurs should. 

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