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Lockdown, Dress Up: Staying Stylish

It’s no fun having nowhere to go. Even at the best of times, not having any occasions to go to, or to dress up for, it can be hard to know how to keep things fresh, or why to bother looking sharp.  Social distancing as we all are, and things being very far from normal, it can be all too tempting to let your standards slip a little.

Now we at Cravat Club are not opposed to the occasional duvet day - those days when doing as little as possible is the very best thing you can do for yourself.  Nothing wrong with relaxing in whatever way you see fit. But even during quarantine, it can do you the world of good to dress in something stylish. It can even improve the way you feel, and the way you perceive the world.


Cravat Club well dressed gentleman lockdown dress up staying stylish at home


If you are able to work from home, dressing sharply and professionally can help you differentiate work time from leisure time. If you’re fielding endless Zoom calls, Facetimes or video conferences, it can help you to both look the part, and to be the part if you dress as you would for the big meeting, or for any busy Monday morning. It can also give you a bit more sanity as you switch from one mode to the other, without the usual mechanisms that we all rely on.


Cravat Club felix polkadot printed silk cravat lockdown dress up walk social distancing


More than this, dressing well for yourself, and only for yourself, can be a huge mood booster. We believe that if you look good, you feel good, and there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t treat yourself with the same care and attention that you would otherwise. Why not dress sharply for your daily walk? Wear something that says “LOOK at me” if you like, meet the world defiantly, in spite of the lockdown. Or simply admire yourself in the mirror, knowing that even if there’s no one to see it, you’ve still most assuredly got it.


Cravat Club men's style cravat beard walk lockdown social distancing hat suit

These are difficult, unprecedented times, and it’s important to work through things in whatever way you can. We’re just saying that if you take joy and pride in your style, there is no reason why that has to take any dip at all. Look fabulous, feel confident, and look after each other.


cravat club customer scott wearing our hvar woven silk cravat

Cravat Club customer Scott in California wearing our HVAR woven silk cravat at home during lockdown.


Cravat Club customer Dave from London wearing our SANTIAGO printed silk cravat lockdown at home

Cravat Club Customer Dave in London wearing our SANTIAGO printed silk cravat at home during lockdown.