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Into the Wild - SS22 Jungle Prints

Unleash your inner animal with these wild prints...

Into the wild cravat club wedding styling groomswear

If you’re looking for an unashamed way to express your personal style, our bold and playful animal print cravats are the ideal thing. Giving you effortless swagger and presence, this collection is guaranteed to add a dose of wit and a pop of colour to even the most conservative outfit.

Into the Wild Jungle Safari Tropical Animal Print Silk Cravats Ascot Ties

This is not to say that these aren’t serious sartorial items though; as with all our accessories, they’re made in England from the finest silk, made and finished by hand. Wear one of these cravats with a simple plain shirt or a linen suit for a strong summer look, or prepare yourself for a night on the tiles by pairing it with a dark jacket. These are playful prints for a walk on the wild side.

Rimba Rimba Sloth Toucan Lemur Jungle Scene Printed Silk CravatRimba Tropical Jungle Silk CravatStormy Grey with Forest Green, Avocado & Tropical Blue Lemur & Sloth Jungle Scene Printed Silk Cravat

This deep green cravat, featuring an array of rainforest creatures, would match perfectly with a pastel coloured suit, or even a light-coloured gingham shirt. Not only is the print ideal for a summer’s day, the lightweight and breathable Grade-A silk means you can wear it for as long as you like without feeling the heat. Embrace your inner explorer.


Bora Mint Green Grey Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie For MenBora Pastel Mint Green and Grey Leopard Animal Print Silk Cravat Ascot TieAlmond Green with Khaki, Orange Sorbet & Light Indigo Leopard Print Printed Silk Cravat

Soothing sorbet shades give you a playful twist on wild leopard print. The cooler colours here would go beautifully with a pastel suit, as seen on our model, or earthy brown tones. Try this insouciant cravat at an outdoor wedding or at drinks on the hotel terrace, for effortless summer style.

 StormStorm Blue Red Navy Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot TieStorm Blue Red Navy Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie for Men Fresh Blue with Spice Red & Navy Leopard Print Printed Silk Cravat

This cravat inverts the classic leopard print to repurpose it as a devastatingly cool blue. If you want to hint at a rock and roll spirit and demonstrate some individuality, this will give exactly the right detached poise you need. Try these hues with a dark navy jacket or a grey suit and the colours will pop beautifully, providing a fabulous contrast with your more muted outfit.


Sabor Brown Orange Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot TieSabor Brown Orange Leopard Print Silk Cravat For MenChocolate Milk with Thunder Grey & Copper Orange Leopard Print Printed Silk Cravat

This deeper-hued take on leopard print is a more grown-up way of unleashing your inner animal. The deep orange would look fantastic with an olive-green suit, especially one with a little linen in the fabric. A stone coloured jacket would also look very elegant, and would provide the perfect frame for the bold colourway of the ascot tie.

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